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    Quote Originally Posted by Hathorian View Post
    Does anyone else want to throw their hat into the ring on what they think is the top non-caster DPS build? The more detail the better (class splits and order, build info, feats, key enhancements, weapons, etc).
    If we're completely ignoring survivability here, that rules out all the barb's weakness so it's got to be barbarian. Their abilities do a ton of damage, they are just extremely unpopular here on the forums because their survivability is so horrible.

    I said 18/2 barb fighter before but pure Frenzied berserker THF horc barb may be it after thinking about it. The capstone can build up to +25 damage. Then there's +12 STR and +1 crit multiplier when you combine barb rage and death frenzy, trantrum cleave which gives +5W damage, +4W exhausting blow, +2W supreme cleave in addition to regular cleaves. If you have a healer strapped to you you could spam those attacks constantly. If we're talking highest DPS potential, pure barb has to be it. I don't see any other builds coming close to that.
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    High DPS depends on the situation.
    Do you mean against trash mobs? against bosses? kill count?

    Casters can get the best kill count, if played correctly. You could let the melees beat a mob down and hit it with a spell that does nice burst damage or use death spells.

    Rogues, correctly built can do the best sustained melee damage, but they need to be able to sneak attack which can be more than 50% of their DPS. Which is not always available.

    Deathnip Fighter/monk/(pally/FVS/Cleric) build will do the most straight up DPS, but has 2 issues. One, mobs with DR. Two, difference in effectiveness between Deathnip and any other picks.

    Against trash mobs, SOS build with glancing blow will get the MAX DPS on all the mobs near you. There are many versions. Barb, or FTR/Monk with splash to get CHA bonus to STR.

    My personal favorite is the SOS build, but it will not work well in Epic Elite, since getting aggro of multiple mobs in EE is detrimental to your health even if you can heal yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qhualor View Post
    Top non caster melee DPS is pure barb.

    The end.
    It's the top ranked dead body 1 minute into the dungeon to lol.

    {Heavy fire; lightning rains down, fire and rock, arrows arcing from the cry with crippling precision. The rog, fighter splash, sorc, ranger splash in the midst.}

    Ranger: "God why won't they just die!?" "I wish id payd to win. 10k stars would make getting at those archers alot faster then this sucky doubleshot!" (heh sry couldn't resist)

    Fighter splash: "I'm stunning as fast as I can, it's not like stunning blow has a decent timer and I gotta hit improved to land it." (wink)

    Sorc: "Ah sweet Jesus i'm getting **** % rolls from shirardi; Dmg isn't comn any time soon with these damn evasion saves either."

    Rog: "Hey... the hells the barb?" "He's got one thing he's actually someone useful for."

    Ranger: "He said he didn't like fire and stuff, he's over there rocking back and forth behind that piller.... oh; no he's dead." "Chain lightning must of reached a bit farther."
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    I see people discussing capstones here, isnt that for epic lvls then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan_Milic View Post
    I see people discussing capstones here, isnt that for epic lvls then?

    Quote Originally Posted by axel15810 View Post
    . The capstone can build up to +25 damage.

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