Hey All,

I have not played a druid before. But I want to get 2-3 PDK Druid PL out of the way. As such I will be needing to go through Epics, but because I don't want to haul around a ton of gear I done plan on this build being gear optimized.

I already have 1 Wiz, 1 Sorc, 2 Rog, 1 Rgr PL behind me.

I plan on only generally running through EH content.

I would prefer not to LR out of the fighter level.

I have seen a 1 wiz/2mk/17 d build that seems like I could make it work for the PDK swapping the 1 wiz with 1 ftr.

I have some gear that could be used for it, but I have been running around with repeaters as an int build most of the time.

Any suggestions out there?