So, nice to meet you all here. =P

Just got a new mind in a few days before. I wanna to start a channel for those who wanna to raid together.
Starting an Elite raiding with pug may not be better than forming with known persons.
Preferred raid (Abbot>FOT>CITW>Titan(Under construction)>VON>ADQ> others)
could be mutliple runs in a day.

Preferred time 20:00~02:00 GMT+8

You may ask why not just joined Ixxx's run? Coz it is 6am to me and I cannot spend that time in DDO except for sleeping. zzzzzz

Therefore, if you wanna to do raiding a bit earlier/ raiding with me with fun, then don't hesitate and leave a comment below!
you may also send a private message to me in game "Horacechan"

you can also leave some suggestion of time/play mode/name of raid here
looking forward to seeing you guys!