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actually 2 fighter is used to net you the 2 feats, as well as +3 to boosts and +3 to combat dc's and 30% haste boost as well as an extra 1 point of dmg (lil frosting) maybe an extra 3% dodge as well as 3 reflex and dodge cap if you don't have it elsewhere.
I was just giving auto-grants in my examples... those other things you have to spend points on (only have 80, and I know I get tight on points every build I make/play, so figure that you cannot say you GET those other things, just go with auto-grants)

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If they only gave evasion to fighters in those first 2 levels. Hell go 6 for all out extra dmg, and a toggle to stack your prr, prr boosts, hp boosts, while in LD. lol fighters so badass now. One of the few classes with real incentive to take to 12.
Well, I have been asking for some form of 'evasion' like feat for Str/Con builds for a long time, something revolving around armor or con score. Too many things in game revolve around Reflex and actually moving out of the way or taking 700-1000 damage for not doing so. So now, we have raids like FoT, where several times I have heard that if you want to be the 'tank' (and I use that term VERY loosely) that you need to have 100+ AC, 100+ PRR, AND have evasion... so, we have a Defense Pass that changed the whole system, but we ended up in the exact same position we were in before, because they didn't change the system that NEEDED changing.

AC was fine the way it was, in fact, it was better that way. Because, back then, you had an option: go for evasion and survive magical attacks, or go for AC and survive physical attacks. Some builds made it capable of doing both, and thus proved that one of the biggest problems (and hence a big reason why DDO is sometimes called Pay2WIN) is the Monk class. If we only had rogue to give us evasion, we would have been stuck with low AC evasion builds. But due to Monk, we could get major AC and Evasion on same toon. The solution, is to fix monk, and to add an ability to 'soak' any damage while wearing heavy armor... PRR should be DRR, Damage resistance Rating, and apply to all damage, not just physical...

As it stands now, we have a big guy charge and do a good bit of damage to a tank, who then gets burned to ashes by the dragon's breath, while the evasion build dodges the big guy, then nimbly somersaults around the field avoiding the dragon breath as well... how many times have we seen and read about the tank in stories who just braces for the breath and deals with it, shrugs, and dusts off the ashes on his armor, then moves in for the kill? Armor should actually provide REAL benefits. Maybe they should start amping up the bonuses ON the armor, kind of like they did for staves to help equal out all the dual-scepter toons? Make robes have basic amounts, light have an extra ability, medium have more, then heavy have a ton?

/shrug... think they should just make an ability for armor wearers to actually have a reason to wear the stuff.