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    Default Fighter Paladin build?

    I'm gonna TR for the first time and I'd like some help with a fighter/paladin build.. Anyone got any suggestions? I was thinking of playing a two-handed fighter.

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    What're your build goals? Is this for a PL? How much ftr vs how much pally?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unbongwah View Post
    What're your build goals? Is this for a PL? How much ftr vs how much pally?
    Hi Unbongwah

    Long time lurker and follower of your builds. I need help. I am about the TR my 28th level fighter CiaoBaby (second life) who's first life was paladin. So far i have been sword and boarding. I have the bastard sword from the caught in the web raid. I am looking to continue my martial specialisation (i.e. keeping this character a melee type class). I don't want to play a monk as i have a toon that already is one and is at level 28 looking to go around again in monkdom!

    My requirements are self sufficiency with moderate-good to good DPS. If possible some rogue for traps as i plan to Epic TR to get the past life feat and then TR back to 0 to get the 36 point build. I don't mind playing an iconic and have access to all content/races.

    Opps forgot to add i have +5 tomes to every stat and have both vertigo and stunning versions of the "drow rings"

    I was thinking barbarian, but they appear to be "poohed". Then i was thinking paladin/fighter/rogue but i struggled with a build concept. Can you point me in the right direction?


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