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    Because this kind of things never make sense from the mechanical perspective,
    and surprise value is usually important,
    I'll say the winners are Xy'zzy and his new master (artificer) Toven d'Cannith.

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    Default Arraetrikos

    I agree with @whyyme. Arraetrikos would take the cake.

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    Default If all the raid bosses fought, who would win?

    Gotta go with Lolth, she ripped a hole between worlds and she's been around for longer than all the others as far as I know.
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    Exclamation And The Winner Is.........Arraetrikos

    Arraetrikos....... no contest.
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    Toven d'Cannith because he would have the most powerful army of all, the player base of warforged with all their maxed epic destinies.

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    Default No Boss

    The winner would be Scrag the Kobold and his dogs.

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    I'm assuming all the other bosses could work together to get the summoning chamber to open up. So the chamber is open and Eternity POW! shows up and he's not alone...

    oh no....

    not alone at all....

    The other bosses start to look around....they can sense the evil with Eternity.

    It slithers all over them...

    The fight is on! They have to rid themselves of this evil that coats them as it spews forth from the great undead dragon before them.

    Yet they move to slow...all their attacks look to be working but they haven't hit anything.

    They think they are winning, when the flash happens.

    They have died.

    They didn't know it, one minute they are winning and then they are was all a lie.

    For with Eternity comes the greatest raid boss of all...Lag. Lag has single handedly ended more raids than any other deity/pit fiend/robot in the history of DDO. Eternity escapes and spews the chaos and the power of Lag all over Eberron, systematically destroying parties and wiping out the worlds in which they live.

    though he rampages for a month, usually his tyranny is so vile that he can only survive for a few days before the great beings of Dev come and erase Eternity for another year.

    So a nutshell.

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    Default 2014

    To Epic TR my main.

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    Lolth's Immanence 1st
    Lord of Blades a close 2nd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thud View Post
    There isn't enough information to make a valid decision. Which plane of existence the battle occurs on would give some weight to all the bosses. If we're sticking to the prime material, then the Lord of Blades and Black Abbot would be the last two standing. Of those two, go to initiative.
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