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    Quote Originally Posted by jskinner937 View Post
    Buying time is 5min.

    Find me a video of xp farming on you tube at that time? I looked. People didn't publicized it because everyone knew they xp scaling was not WAI.

    I am one with this subject by the way, but you go ahead and keep protecting your supposed knowledge on this, I have more important things to worry about, like real life.
    At 150k per 5 minutes why did it take you 24 hours to level from 1 to 20? It should be under 3 hours even on a legend build. You do not respond to this because you realize that this proves your wild claim is completely baseless.

    Here's what I think: You guys were entering epic Buying Time for 5:00 runs @ around 4-5k with a pot, maybe upwards of 6k/minute. This would let you go from 1 to 20 on a first life in six and half hours of solid grind, so figure 9-10 hours with breaks and whatnot. This is consistent with your "leveled to 20 in 24 hours" claim. (On legend build that would be 14 hours of solid grind, so still possible in 24 hours if you're crazy.)

    That 4-5k/minute is NOT too much epic xp. It's only too much if heroic levels can get it. Your silly claims of 30k/minute do nothing but derail an intelligent debate on whether cannith challenges needed nerfing. They most certainly did not. All they needed was to prevent heroic levels from running epic challenges.

    Right now in the game today it is pretty easy to maintain 4-5k/minute in quests sustained, for hours a day, every day, including time to rebuff every hour and run to the quests. (Some of those runs are long.) That's with just 5% cannith xp pots.

    With that as the baseline for quests, the old cannith challenge epic xp of just over 3k/minute with 5% pots is probably too low. Too bad they double-nerfed that 3k/minute down to 800/minute, rendering cannith challenges utterly useless.

    If the old 3k/minute with "free" 5% pots was restored right now people would say cannith challenge xp isn't worth bothering with because a) you can get better sustained xp/minute from questing and b) challenges do not give commendations of valor.

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    The Wheloon and Storm Horns chains could use a further bump, save for maybe What Goes Up Epic which looks nice. I would focus a bit on the heroic versions of Wheloon/Storm Horns as the experience bumps were on the small side, and those quests give rather low experience to begin with compared to other quests of the same level (imo anyways).

    The druids curse chain is kind of a disaster - in that two of the four quests are really short, and so can't really get boosted much more without becoming a new "von3"-esque farm. However, Thorn and Paw and The Druids Curse could likely stand from some attention.

    Cannith challenges were brought up by the players, and could definitely benefit from attention. They are a "love or hate" type of quest, but I personally loved them. However, they are the type of quest that no one really wants to do - only "need" to do for a specific item. Which I get, but it is disappointing as I found them to be enjoyable.

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    I think Ive only ever run a single heroic FR dungeon (a Wheloon one because I think I have a level 15 necklace with 8% dodge). It would require some insane XP boosts for me to consider going to level from 15 to 20.

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    I run some of these quests more often than others. If it helps, I'll go through every quest and tell you how often I run it and whether increasing the xp will entice me to run it more often.

    • Chains of Flame (Epic only)--I hate this quest. The only way you could entice me to run it more often would be if you told me I had to reflag demon queen every epic life or allowed me to teleport straight out to the quest.

    • Trial By Fury (Epic only)--increasing the xp would probably make me think about running it more, but only in guild groups. It's not that the slayer area is too much of a pain, but there always seems to be at least one person who doesn't know it, falls off, gets himself separated, and expects me to help him find the quest.

    • The Druid's Curse (Epic only) Thorn and Paw (Epic only) Outbreak (Epic only)--increasing the xp would definitely entice me to run this chain more often. The poor xp is actually the only reason why I don't run it often.

    • In The Belly of the Beast (Epic only)--I love this quest. I hope to see more pugs up for this one after the xp increases.

    • The House of Death Undone (Epic only)--this quest only takes a few minutes. I wouldn't be opposed to increasing the xp, but I think increasing the optional xp would be smarter.

    • The Tracker's Trap (both Epic and Heroic). What Goes Up (both Epic and Heroic). Breaking the Ranks (both Epic and Heroic). A Break in the Ice (both Epic and Heroic). Lines of Supply (both Epic and Heroic)--I'm so happy this chain is getting more xp. It's super fun, and I think the xp increase will give people a better reason to run it.

    • Army of Shadow (both Epic and Heroic). Through a Mirror Darkly (both Epic and Heroic). The Thrill of the Hunt (both Epic and Heroic). Friends in Low Places (both Epic and Heroic). A Lesson in Deception (both Epic and Heroic)-- this is another one that I think people run less frequently less because of xp and more because of other reasons. For me, I dot think an xp increase would entice me to run it anymore. The massive mob spawns in many of the quests cause too much lag for xp to entice me.

    We’re also planning to reduce the XP for one quest (on Epic only):

    • Jungle of Khyber (Epic only)--I'll actually be really happy when I don't feel like I have to run VoN 3 every day. I'm all for this one.
    --Pealea, Peawee, worldpeas, givepeas achance, and whoopea on Khyber

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    For the sheer terribleness, Friends in Low Places should be on par with what VoN3 xp used to be in order to entice anyone to run it. That quest is the worst. I would suffer through it once a week for a 100k reward. Thrill of the Hunt is a close second. Howlers suck, but shadows are hair-pulling annoying.

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