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    Default Questions about Permadeath

    First of all, all you people who play DDO perma death style are both psycho and awesome at the same time. Been actually considering doing this as a challenge. But I was wondering a few things. What's the usual stance on iconics when playing Perma Death? Is it okay to make an iconic? Or should you only make the regular race/class combos that start at level 1? And how about level 4 and 7 vet builds, are they acceptable?
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    Depends on the Guild that you are in or the rules that you agree to play with.

    For a complete list of guilds please look at:

    In MortalVoyage, we don't allow iconic characters at this point in time.

    We do allow players to earn level 4 and level 7 veteran characters.

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    I say go for it and try permadeath out! It's exciting

    The Extreme Explorers does the same. No iconics, but people can earn 4 and 7 vet stat by reaching certain levels.

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