Who we are:
Small level 100 guild, (about 5 players who are on regularly and 3-4 who log on once in a blue moon) of veteran players. We have all played a long time, and know plenty about the game. We zerg, if you like to take your time, get all the breakables and complete every optional, we are not your guild. Most of our gaming is done between 7-10 pm EST, during the week, but somebody is almost always logged on during weekends. We like to do raids and epic content. Currently we are all embroiled in some ETR grinding.

What we are looking for:
2-3 mature players who we get along with and can tolerate us. You don't always have to run with us, and your toon doesn't have to fill a specific role, just be easy to get along with. You don't have to know everything about the game. You don't have to be the most epic player to ever play the game, just have fun playing.
VOICE CHAT IS PREFERABLE BUT NOT A MUST. If you do type, don't get mad if you don't get responded to right away. It isn't personal just not everyone pays attention to the chat box.

If you are interested:
Contact Gromphia in game and we can set up a group so you can meet everyone and try it out. If you read above you should know when to find me.