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    Default Epic Elite Mobs and Non death spell effects

    With Epic Elite mobs having Uber hitpoints it seems that some of the death feats such as vorpal strikes (weapon and feat) seem pretty obsolete if you run mainly EE content. Im looking at my feats list for vorpal strikes and am considering replacing it since it procs on a vorpal 20 when enemy is under 1000HP. To me its not a big deal since 1000Hp is only a second or two more of dps. The extra 100 dmg on vorpals when above 1000HP is okay, but in the end it only adds somewhere between 200-700 extra dmg. To me not worth it for the slot..
    What do you guys think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    It's 5 damage per swing, the equivalent of power attack.
    AKA: The same damage as "Flaming II".
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    Quote Originally Posted by nibel View Post
    AKA: The same damage as "Flaming II".
    It also adds slashing damage flag to your attacks. What feat would be better for a monk other than imp ma which you likely will take anyways. Unless you were an eart stance monk and was built for OC.

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    In the days prior to Ghostbane, there used to be Improved Vorpal, Improved Disruption and Improved Smiting which provided the same instant death effect at 1500hp or less... Even if that minor bump in power didn't truly fix the issue, it was a step in the right direction (before Lootpocolypse.) I hope for the return of the treasure tables one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atremus View Post
    Now I just move a ruby of endless nights from weapon to weapon as I level... One augment to rule them all
    Unfortunately that augment only does 1 negative level on vorpal. Given that Epic Ward will regen that neg in 3 seconds, the augment is only worthwhile in EH/EE content on a monk or wolf druid that can -maybe- throw out enough attacks to hope to stack a second neg before the first is regenned.

    And if you're a monk, grave wrappings will be more bang for the buck.

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