Dear DEVs,

this is my idea from the general forum / Xp thread there.

I would like to suggest a XP system where the quest XP given upon completion is a XP bonus function on top of XP gained thru completing optionals and main objectives. And I would like to see XP given for slays separately, like "you received onslaught: 4123 XP" or "you received conquest: 3427 XP". For those running in stealth mode, there would be a higher bonus total in the end upon completion.

A quest log then w ould read:
Main Objective one: 300 XP.
Main Objective two: 200 XP.
Main Objective three: 400 XP.
Total Main Objectives: 900 XP.
Optional one: 300 XP.
Optional two: 400 XP.
Total Optionals: 700 XP.
Aggression Slayer: 500 XP.
Onslaught Slayer: 500 XP.
Conquest Slayer: 300 XP.
Total Slayer: 1300 XP.
Total Quest XP: 2900 XP.
Completion Base Bonus (elite): 30%
Ingenious Debilitation bonus: 15%
Vandal Bonus: 10%
Survival Bonus: 10%
Total Bonus: 65% = 1885 XP
Total XP gained: 4785 XP.

Now, this would make questing very fun and interesting indeed!

And upon fail, you would at least gain all the XP so far accumulated thru the quest and would only loose the bonus and any not done objectives.

Reasons / Foundings of Idea:
Some players complain that upon a fail within a quest, all the quest XP that would be awarded in the end is lost. With some of the Stormhorn Quests and others form both expansions (Druids Curse, Wheelon quests), there is not much optional to do on long slugfeasts of killing mobs. Near to no optionals, kiling literally hundrets of mobs with no or only a few XP here and there in between for killing something red named. Then the final fight after dozens of minutes of slaying and hacking, poof, the boss wins, all was at waste. This is strongly going against player motivation. Why running long hack&slay uninspiring quests and failing in the end only to face the need to run everything again (through somewhat bigger wildernesses and into the end fight).

A possible solution (with the positive side effect to help with the long term motivation and perhaps the sales of hearts ot wood) would be to give XP for main objectives and optional objectives and XP for reaching slayer limits. imply said, make more quests like "Frame Work" and less quests like in Wheelon.

Perhaps this would solve several problems as well, like the zerg/flower sniffer ones. If max quest XP is dependent on the optionals as well as on the main objectives, there is much more incentive to run the quest to its full potential.

Thank oyu for checking m post, feedback is welcome.