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    Question 32 pt Horc Build request

    Ok, after returning to DDO after a year of absence, I am dismayed to find that my build wont work any more. My human and my orc. As the frenzied berserker PE needs combat expertise which requires int. INT? On a barb? This is first life. What other prestige enhancements you recommend? By the looks of it, turbine really did a number on barbarians. I need a good build for half orc 32 pt build.
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    I like this thread,it breaks the monotony of my day.
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    Kobold make a wonderful satisfying crunch sound when killed; you can't kill just one.

    Vampires scream ranks up there with kobold crunch for satisfying slays.

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    Barbs don't require CE. If you want to use Tantrum, that req's CE+Imp Trip, but it's not a must-have.

    That said, you're right about Turbine doing a number on barbs, esp. pure ones. I'm underwhelmed by the new capstones; and U19 made splashing even more OP than before.

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    So you enjoy the barb play style hey? Extinguish your enemy with brutal carnage while inflicting some dmg to your own well being. Well the days of pure anything but wizzy are gone. You might want to try a 12ftr/6 barb/2 cleric. Achieve 80 strong without much work at all. Mine cruises around at 100 but he is pretty well geared. Stunning blow in the low 70's and trip around 80.

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