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Thread: Lvl 30 XP CAP

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    I shake my head when I see gamers doing a cost benefit analysis of putting the cap at 30 from 28.

    They should probably have left the game at level 20 and concentraited on making an uber gear grind end game that was more powerful and more gindy than all the level 20 epics (think multiple eSoS like items that took years to assemble).

    But that djinn is out of the bottle moving the cap to 30 is unavoidable, so that they can make the 30 cap gear grind something akin to the old 20cap... players were happily grinding away at epic items and retention of players seemed much more stable. There's nothing in ETR's that is worth doing in a "farm it hard so I can quickly gain this important build/playstyle defining perk" manner, if I ever get a single ETR benefit on ANY CHARACTER it will be the slow way, because I was bored and wanted to replay some lower level content on that toon... after the cap goes to 30 they will need to make ETR more interesting to make people bother at all.

    Things that would get me to multi-ETR:

    Grind out ETR "completionist" (or whatever 1 of each would be) and I get to choose 1 from:

    .) Evasion
    .) Abundant step on a 5 second timer no ki/sp used
    .) Access to all Metamagic feats without any spell casting levels
    .) .25% critical spell multiplier
    .) +1X on all melee/ranged crits
    .) +1 range on melee/ranged crits
    .) 25% reduction on spell cooldowns rounded down (10 second cooldown becomes 7, 3 second becomes 2) stacks with ETR perk (spells can never be lower than the default action timer) * can only be taken once
    .) Choice of any meta magic you already have at no spell point cost

    Then they might be able to get me to jump on the "Uber Epic completionist" (3x all ETR feats) hamster wheel by giving the choice of (in addition to 1 of the above):

    .) A second choice of any of the above (where permitted)
    .) Access to all special class feats without any levels in those classes (access to improved evasion, Rogue specials, Druid natural fighting etc.)
    .) Access to any racial feat as a racial perk (no feat slot taken, Dwarven Axe as a martial weapon for instance)
    .) Access to tier 3 (max) of any class tree (that you don't have any class levels in) 20 fighter and you want to access tier 3 of Barb Frenzy? you got it. 20 FvS and you want Tier 3 of Divine Disciple cleric tree? there you go.
    .) 10 action points to spend on Enhancements *can only be taken once
    .) 5 ED points to spend in ED's *same
    .)You can now have tier 5 in more than one class tree (that you have at least 5 levels in)

    I know this is in fantasy land (but I'm just being honest about what it would take to get me motivated to do these hamster wheels) so lets do one for Ultra-Uber completionist... that is 3 times EVERY Heroic AND Epic AND Iconic past lives:

    .) A second choice of any of the above
    .) Elimination of all feat prerequisites (you can take Whirlwind attack without combat expertise (13 INT) dodge (13 DEX) spring and mobility, you can take Overwleming crit without P/A, cleave 13 STR etc. you can take mental toughness and meta magics without caster levels)
    .) Access to an entire class tree that you have no levels in (up to tier 5) prerequisite: must have gained access to tier 3 of same tree with above perk
    .) Access to a racial tree without being that race (replaces your current racial tree, includes dragon mark access, which you do by using the above "access to racial feats" perk and then slotting the lesser dragon mark)... Want human extra feat and skill points, but also Displacement dragon marks and Entangle SLA? Replace your racial tree with Elf. make clever backstory about being raised by Elves/Dwarves/Kobolds etc.
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    You guys filibustering a new mode have already succeeded in scaring the Dev's into not doing it the right way and re-scaling the existing settings, why in the world are you still filibustering? Drunk on your success? Schadenfreude? Spitefulness?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post

    Still level 30 is going to be higher than 28 regardless, so I am pressing thru to get epic completionist (3 pl left to go).
    Yeah, I also made sure to get " Epic Completionist " first, before grinding any particular EPIC PL, just in case they do come out with something for that.

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    I totally disagree. I'm looking forward to a lvl 30 cap. Also, I'd like the xp from 28 to 30 to be high and require a long play time. Ideally, I'd like that to take months.

    However, if they did that, and they won't, it would be best if we could ETR at 28.

    I just like the feeling of progress. But, yeah, like someone said earlier, if the xp gap is too high from 28-30, ETRing is going to suck.

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