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    Default Best slot for GS


    Is there any specific slot useful for GS over other items nowadays?

    Last GS i made was a year or two ago and was in the goggles slot, from reading up a little its not the preferred slot anymore?

    I'd like it to be a long term use item which means it would have to be better than any of the higher level loot (unlikely nowadays?)

    Any currently recognized "best slots" for long term use GS? either conc-op or mana+ or is it all junk now?

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    after all changes & additions @ gear, ive constructed & reconstructed too many to b embarrassed to relay. :/
    -will say that the two slots i use now without missing much is belt and bracers. good through 24. will depend on build/class etc tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by somethingtosay View Post
    It depends on gear you have. I have concordant opp. on bracers and 45 hp on necklace because I have no use for these.
    sorc lvl 23 atm air/fire

    Bracers: bracers of wind
    cloak: cloak of flame
    gogs: guild aug/ blind immunity hp
    head: was minos (so 2010?) / resistance item now
    neck: war wizards / torc (situational)
    boots: cannith jet boots
    belt: shavarth GFL 6 con one (just for false life i guess... stupid wheloon lol)
    gloves: +8 con wheloon ones
    robe: spidersilk
    trink: cove ones/silver flame/

    FVS lvl 25
    Armor: PDK
    Gogs: guild aug hp / blindness immunity + cha skills
    Head: PDK
    Gloves: PDK
    Bracers: Tharak-Hound / War Wizards / sun soul (get switched around a bit)
    belt: belt of the sun soul
    Neck: Signet of the Shining Sun
    Cloak: level 20 mabar cloak
    Boots: Woodsman boots
    Ring1: Symbol of the Shining Sun
    Ring2: Epic Ring of Master Artifice (i think? pretty sure it is)
    Trink: planar focus iirc

    The plans are to TR them a few times and get back to current lives (FVS would end up being a fvs again sorc a sorc etc)


    Edit: forgot belts
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    if you plan on getting epic gear and any new gear that gets released, than your GS item will always change. there really is no best slot for GS because of that and because of your class, build and what would be a good boost in a certain area. your gear is going to forever change if you always want to improve what you have so its best to go with what you need now, but be prepared to craft a new one down the road when something better comes along to take up that slot. all of my characters have had to go through at least 3 different GS items.
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    Default ugh

    Lets hear it for shroud runs...

    Ok, I'll just throw some things together for next life use until hitting epics again.

    Thank for the input all!

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    Default GS slot

    On my druid I put it in belt slot. I haven't found anything i would like to replace it with.

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