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    Default Sentinel Stance and Rage?

    I know that the Defensive stances for Stalwart Defender and Sacred Defender make a character immune to rage. Does anyone know if any of the Sentinel Stances allow rage? I'm looking more towards Stand Against The Tide if possible.

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    The only stances that prevent Rage or will wipe rage from your buff bar: (Defensive Combat Stance)
    Combat Expertise (Feat)
    Defensive Fighting (Auto Grant Feat)
    Sacred Defense (Paladin)
    Stalwart Defense (Fighter)

    The Unyielding Sentinel Stances do allow you to Rage; Vigor of Battle, Unbreakable, and Stand Against the Tide

    So as long as you are not using any of the 4 stances above you will be able to be effected and benefit from rage.

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