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Be good people

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Arohindar, Eilowin, Luminessen, Michaeld or any officer

General Guild Philosophy
Defenders are friendly players who are extremely helpful. We are a social guild, meaning that guild levels are not our main focus, but finding new ways to interact with our fellow guildies is. We still raid and quest, although not as hard-core, but we are a guild that is designed both for new players and end-game players. Defenders always lend a helping hand, especially to other Defenders. Everyone who has the means to contribute to the guild should. Our focus is on enjoying the game, but Defenders aren’t free loaders. Everyone must contribute toward keeping a respectable guild level. We do not have quest requirements, we love to play with new players, and we always welcome new members who are active and can contribute. The main things we look for are people who like to quest with other guildies, people who are active, and people who have a positive and easy-going personality about playing the game.

Returning to our Roots
Defenders started as casual, social guild that focused on helping new players and bonding with current members. We were always friendly, overly generous, and helpful (both in the guild and out). Help other players and give them things, if you can. Don't ask for things in return. Be generous and kind. Our reputation will rely on the attitude of our WORST player. It is important every Defender meets this idea of what a Defender is. If someone is not meeting this level of integrity, please take as much information as possible, and let an Officer know. We currently have a no-tolerance policy. Officers may kick a member without warning for violating our integrity rules.