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    Post Used free heroic heart of wood and lost destinies

    I have a toon that's lvl 24 and decided to respec him using the free heroic heart of wood. All went well until I went to the fatesinger and discovered that my destinies are gone. Granted were not talking about a lot of xp in these destinies. Im an Arti in the Arcane Karma category and it shows 2,387,339 in xp, but when I go into the individual destines (fatesinger, magister, etc), they all show 0 xp and no points available.

    I tried going to help to submit an in game ticket, but was only directed to the ddo website to submit a ticket because the in game submission is broken. I stayed on that toon for about 2 hours waiting for a response to no a vale. I did get the initial email that says their is no timeline on a bug submission but they'll look into, etc.

    I guess first has anyone else seen this bug and maybe know of a way to fix it and second, are the ddo gods now not fixing major toon issues?


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    There is an established way for the gods of ddo to fix this.

    The GMs are not true gods, contact Turbine Customer Service and they will fix this.
    You can log out of game.
    Are you in the USA, then telephone (be aware it is the holidays)?
    Or use other methods to contact them.

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    Send a PM to Cordovan, via the forums, he is very helpful in steering you in the right direction.

    Also try reclogging?

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    Not sure if this is the linkie you want, but:

    Just don't panic this can and will be fixed, keep asking, and looking for the right people to help you.

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    The bug report is not the place you want, this is a known issue.
    Keep trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoodaman View Post
    I guess first has anyone else seen this bug and maybe know of a way to fix it and

    I used my 20+ heart and lost all my ED's. Not thought about fixing it yet. I sure as hell aint going to call US from UK.

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