I have a toon that's lvl 24 and decided to respec him using the free heroic heart of wood. All went well until I went to the fatesinger and discovered that my destinies are gone. Granted were not talking about a lot of xp in these destinies. Im an Arti in the Arcane Karma category and it shows 2,387,339 in xp, but when I go into the individual destines (fatesinger, magister, etc), they all show 0 xp and no points available.

I tried going to help to submit an in game ticket, but was only directed to the ddo website to submit a ticket because the in game submission is broken. I stayed on that toon for about 2 hours waiting for a response to no a vale. I did get the initial email that says their is no timeline on a bug submission but they'll look into, etc.

I guess first has anyone else seen this bug and maybe know of a way to fix it and second, are the ddo gods now not fixing major toon issues?