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    Default Invisible levers (and floating barrel) in The Storm Horns

    I found a white dragon up on a snow capped peak in The Storm Horns, and surrounding its treasure were a number of invisible levers. I found eight: there appear to be three at ground level a bit down the slope from the chest; another two slightly elevated further up the slope towards to the chest; and another three higher still in the air further up the slope about in line with the chest.

    I pulled the ground level ones which were accessible. I could start pulling the mid-air ones, but couldn't succesfully complete the pull before being out of range. I couldn't manage to land on them. I tried casting True Seeing, but my character doesn't otherwise have good spot or search skills.

    Here is a screenshot of the area in case that helps:

    Does anyone know what the purpose of these is? Is it a puzzle? Did I miss some levers? I couldn't figure it out.

    A lot further down the mountain I found a floating barrel, which is maybe related? A screenshot of me on the barrel is:

    Is the simple explanation, that these are bugs, the correct one?

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    I have also just observed this on my level 20 sorc in heroic storm horns. This happened after killing the white dragon near explorer location 30.

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