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    Default Religous weapon

    Silverflame & Sovereign are available to all the races, whereas, Vulkoors of course is for drow and Undying court for elf. I state these as I was confused when I went to lvl my Purple Dragon Knight from 15th lvl fighter to add 1 lvl paladin and sovereign host wasn't available only amautuar's blessing which(I thought had to do with the Sunlord elf race only) if we could please get this adjusted I would like to my PDK to be even more focused in long sword with the religious weapon in addition to his racial training.

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    SF & SH are not avaible for all.

    Requirements for relligions are:
    SF, SH: Eberronian Dwarf, WF, 1/2 orc/elf, elf, hobbit, human
    LoB: WF/BF
    Vulkoor: Eberronian drow
    UC: Eberronian elf
    Amanataur: faerunian pseudo-human, shadar-kai, sun elf

    Forgotable Realms iconics can't worship Eberronian gods.
    Eberronian characters can't worship forgotable realm god.
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    All you get is a heavy mace.

    Suggest better here if you want:

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    PDK is a Forgotten Realms iconic so it should receive the FR lore weapons for whatever gods they worship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    All you get is a heavy mace.

    Suggest better here if you want:
    Heavy mace is only about as weak as greatsword is really. The fact that bladeforged feel like they got a great weapon is due entirely to SoS and ESoS. If those didn't exist, greatsword would be about as groan worthy a choice as heavy mace.

    That said, all it would take is some uber end game heavy mace to come along with 18-20 x 3 crit range and we'd have a winner as a religious weapon. Take something like that in endgame form and you'd be doing just fine.
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