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    Default Build help needed, monkcher advice plz!

    So ive just got my monkcher to 20(went 12 monk/6 ranger/2 fighter) and im not too overly impressed with the build somewhat...was thinking about using my +20 heart to change it up a bit, and im curious if i could go a different route for more damage. For example, i was thinking something like 8 fighter/6 ranger/6 monk to open up the Kensei Weapon Specialization: Archery line to tier 4 and get Critical Accuracy/Critical Damage as well. Was also curious as to if i could fit the feats for the KWS:Archery line as well as Grandmaster of Forms, or at the least Master of Forms. This was my first attempt at a monkcher and it was fun, but i really wanna buff him up a little bit more, and as far as the build, i followed, somewhat loosely i add, to the build in this link -> just so i had a basis to work off of.

    If anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Archery starts with Fury 5 and Pinion so maybe level up a bit and get some decent gear and twists before you pull the LR trigger
    20 heroic levels certainly don't show how powerful monkcher is. It sucks a lot compared to thf or casting in fact.

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    I only glanced at the build you linked, but it doesn't looked very developed/good. You may want to look at munkenmo's rangenmo druid build or my fvs build. A properly built 2 ftr monkcher has the highest dps potential of any splash. Druid is -damage +healing +CC over ftr, fvs is +healing over ftr, maybe slight dps drop.

    12 monk has pretty immense benefits, and 8 fighter has few if any benefits. Kensei is very expensive and doesn't gain you much. Kensei is popular on other builds for centered weapons, but you're already centered.
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