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    Default Sorc heroic lives options

    For just going from 1-20 to get the past lives what do you guys like?

    Pure sorc gets all the spells and has always worked in the past up to 20 just fine.

    18/2 to pick up evasion?

    Toaster build... looks fun and was considering it, but not sure if it is worth such a deep splash if only going to 20 and the TR'n.

    What do you guys think?

    Oh, and which savant do you like for 1-20? Fire seems an easy answer, but I'd like to hear the opinions out there.
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    I have found air savant to be excellent while leveling. Once you get to epics you pretty much have to debuff most things in order to hit them with your electric spells, but for leveling 1-20 I have found electricity to be very useful.
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    I've done at least 9 across 3 characters and I really this (basically it's what most people recommend for TR lives):

    20 Warforged is by far the best IMO. I went pure to get good spells earlier. Some sort of easy healing at all levels. If you have a wizard <active> pastlife, it makes up for the slight ding to DC's by the lower starting CHA (also something to think about when splashing).

    I went Fire/Air(for electric loop, it's good cheap CC) savant until I hit Vale, then Air/Cold until cap.

    If you go human, you get an extra feat and some more skill points and probably could start Heal Scrolling around 12 if you have a +6 CHA skills GS item. But you might need a nannybot hireling at low levels.

    I maxxed CHA and went with 16 CON with the rest into STR/Int (for lower levels with Carniflex or Skill points). But I also had many Barb PLs's for HP so maxxing CON to 18 isn't bad either.

    Either one work great. Sorc lives are just below FVS lives in fun and least for me.

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    I went warforged fire/air for the first few levels (fireball+wall), swapping to air/fire at lvl 12 (wings, chain lightning+ball lightning+electric loop is massive aoe damage, fire/disintegrate for immunes). At lvl 6, you should be either fire or earth savant to have an effective nuke, air is best for cc (sonic blast, electric loop), and earth and air dont mix. I really prefer warforged for the level drain immunity and easy self-healing.

    Ill take 2 levels of fvs at 19 and 20 for 2 colors of the queen EPLs, unfortunately cant take paladin levels since the char is true neutral. No big problem since im going to Heroic TR after grinding the last colors PL, but shiradi sorc is probably the easiest way to get the primal karma.

    Ill stay air/fire at epic levels, since wings+knockdown immunity are always good, one of the shiradi procs is sonic, and fire (scorching ray and meteor) synergizes well with just rewards/scourge (proc on force and sonic)
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    I prefer pure classed, Acid primary Fire secondary.

    Acid Rain and Delayed Blast Fireball are really the only two spells you need for most of the heroic game - Reconstruct saves you when you screw up, and Mass Suggestion saves you when you REALLY screw up badly (ie ten tough mobs on you and nowhere to kite them).

    I don't like the electric/cold route as it has no alternative to Acid Rain. Icestorm and Wall of Fire have pretty anemic damage per tick, and their best AoE damage spells are at the highly competitive spell level 6 which is where your main spells to get out of tight situations are.
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