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    Default fansite application - it's just Pointless

    • The name of your fansite. - it's just Pointless...
    • The fansite's URL.
    • A brief (around 50 words max) description of your fansite's content (if your site is accepted, this description will be displayed in your site's entry). a small site with my characters, builds, builds i've made for others, some how-to's, and a blog
    • The email address(es) you would like added to our email list for news and announcements. (They will not be displayed in the listing.)

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    Red face Edit requests

    I hope I have the right moderator. Tell me if I don't.

    I have a fansite up under my name, Grandapah Deddagaen.
    On my original application I listed to URL's for my 2 distinctive photo sites.
    What was put up is a link that goes to only 1 site.

    What I'm asking to have done is this, I wish to have 2 listings as shown below,
    or one listing that displays both titles & addresses.

    #1 is for my comical screenshot site -
    Grandapah Deddagaen's Funny-Bone photo collection

    #2 is for my uncaptioned screenshots -
    Grandapah Deddagaen's Classical Screenshots

    Can we do that "Please"?
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