DDO: Ragrollin' – All About Variety! (Warning - Large wall of test ahead)

Hello everybody!! I wanted to introduce to you a game that some guild members and myself have started of late, titled 'Ragrolling'. This is a game created by a couple of bored Crusaders one day looking to add some variety into DDO. A guild member came up with the title 'RAG' to stand for something (which was since forgotten), but the name stood after and 'rolling' was added to justify the random factor added to the game: Ragrollin'.

So, if you are a player that has been looking for variety, or are simply just getting bored with the game, this is not a bad idea to try. Basically, the game is about adding variety back into DDO and running characters and quests that you've run rarely or have forgotten. The rules are very simple (and, by all means, can altar based on how you want to play). So, if you're looking to give this a try, grab a seat and some friends, sit back, and lets roll!


- It is best to have all participants set up with alts around various levels of the game. If a player has the features unlocked for them, they can always roll an iconic or vet toon to help out with this. Having characters of any level readily available to you will let you run anything that is rolled, as you do not know at the start what you will end up running.
- All the quests in the game are listed in this thread by level. To play the game, someone in your group will start with a simple /roll. This first roll determines what level quest you will be playing. (I /roll1d25 and count all quests that are 25 and above that range, as there are few.)'
- The same participant will then roll a second time to determine what quest they will run. The list below separates the quests into chain quests and raids. Regularly numbered quests generally can be run without flagging or prerequisites (or easily redboxed). The quests in the round brackets are quests that are in the midst of a chain that requires prerequisites to be run before you can enter (these are not easily accessible if chosen unless a party member happens to be at that part of the chain at that time). The quests in the square brackets are raids – you may or may not choose to include them in the game.
- One final optional roll will determine the difficulty at which the quest will be run at. The way this is done is up to you – you might prefer to exclude Epic Elite (in which case, the epic rolls would be 1d3 instead of 1d4) or you might just want to exclude casual entirely. If you are running with a player on a streak, this roll is not recommended. Note: The heroic quests which have epic availability are listed on both the heroic and the epic levels.
- Don't back down – what fun is that?!? Remember, the way you choose to do this is completely up to you, but part of the fun is including those quests that you don't like or the ones that you don't normally run.

So, if it's variety that you crave, then go on and give this a try. I know, some of you might say that this has been done before or is not a good idea for “x”, but it is most definitely a way to change up the game. If you're not interested in creating a group of your own, just join one of mine! I'll be on the Khyber server at various points creating "ragrollin'" groups, so if you see that title, prepare to start jumping around!!

(Please note: Despite this being posted as a 'static' group, it is not intended to fall into the category. This might, however, be a good event for you're guild to try out!)

DDO Quest List (Copy & Paste, if needed) – DOES NOT INCLUDE CHALLENGES!
This is the quest order which I use when I do my rolls. If you see that I am missing any quests, please let me know!
#. = Regular Quest / (#) = Chain Quest / [#] = Raid

Level 1:

1. Heyton's Rest
2. Necromancer's Doom
3. Redemption
4. Sacrifices
5. Stopping the Sahuagin
6. The Cannith Crystal
7. The Collaborator
8. The Storehouse Secret

Level 2:

1. Arachnophobia
2. Bringing the Light
3. Durk's got a Secret
4. Garrison's Missing Pack
5. The Haverdasher
6. Information is Key
7. Misery's Peak
8. Missing in Action
9. Protect Baudry's Interests
10. Recovering the Lost Tome
11. Stealthy Reposession
12. Kobold's New Ringleader
13. The Miller's Debt
14. The Smuggler's Warehouse
15. The Sunken Sewer
16. Walk the Butcher 's Path
(17) Retrieve the Stolen Goods
(18) Stop Hazadil's Shipment

Level 3:

1. An Explosive Situation
2. Home Sweet Sewer
3. Kobold Assault
4. Redfang the Unruled
5. The Captives
6. STK: Blockade
7. The Friar's Niece
8. Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth
9. The Sacred Helm
10. The Swiped Signet
11. Where There's Smoke...
12. First Strike
(13) Endgame: Marguerite
(14) Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral
(15) Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt
(16) The Crypt of Gerald Dryden
(17) The Hobgoblin's Captives
(18) Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos
(19) Return to the Sanctuary

Level 4:

1. Freshen the Air
2. Irestone Inlet
3. Proof is in the Poison
4. Rest for the Restless
5. Stand Your Ground
6. The Depths of Darkness
7. The Depths of Despair
(8) Come Out and Slay
(9) Dirty Laundry
(10) Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate
(11) Repossession
(12) The Bookbinder Rescue
(13) STK: Caverns of Shaag
(14) The Stormreaver Fresco
(15) Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm
(16) Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate
(17) Whisperdoom's Spawn
(18) Yarkuch's War Plans

Level 5:

1. A Small Problem
2. Archer Point Defense
3. Ghost of a Chance
4. Guard Duty
5. STK: Halls of Shan-to-Kor
6. Partycrashers
7. Prove Your Worth
8. The Chamber of Insanity
9. The Depths of Discord
10. The Depths of Doom
11. TheLair of Summoning
12. The Legend of Two Toad Tobias
13. The Mystery of Delera's Tomb
14. The Snitch
15. Tomb of the Burning Heart
16. Tomb of the Crimson Heart
17. Tomb of the Immortal Heart
18. Tomb of the Sanguine Heart
(19) Brood of Flame
(20) Deadly Package: Agent of Darguul
(21) Deadly Package: Stronghold's Key
(22) The Stones Run Red
(23) Under the Big Top

Level 6:

1. Caged Trolls
2. Dead Predators
3. Gladewatch Outpost Defense
4. Mirra's Sleepless Nights
5. Purge the Heretics
6. Redwillow's Ruins
7. Ruined Halls
8. Bounty Hunter
9. Forgotten Caverns
10. Valak's Mausoleum
(11) Doom of the Witchdoctor: Way to Zulkash
(12) Doom of the Witchdoctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe
(13) Return to Delera's Tomb
(14) The Bloody Crypt
(15) The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka
(16) The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust
(17) The Troglodyte's Get
[18] The Chronoscope

Level 7:

1. Bargain of Blood
2. Gwylan's Stand
3. Storm the Beaches
4. Taming the Flames
5. The Black Loch
6. Graverobber
7. The Pit
8. The Tear of Dhakaan
(9) Free Delera
(10) Old Grey Garl
(11) Gray Moon Den: Extermination
(12) Gray Moon Den Trollish Scourge
(13) Last Move: Way to Yarkuch
(14) Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand
(15) The Scoundrel's Run
(16) The Tide Turns
(17) The Missing Party

Level 8:

1. The Caverns of Korromar
2. The Haunted Library
3. In Need of Supplies
4. Spies in the House
5. Stormcleave Outpost
6. Stromvauld's Mine
7. Tharask Arena
8. The Faithful Departed
9. The Prisoner
10. Xorian Cypher
11. Tomb of the Shadow Guard
12. Tomb of the Shadow King
13. Tomb of the Shadow Knight
14. Tomb the Shadow Lord
15. The Rescue (?)
(16) Co6: Captives of the Cult
(17) Co6: Libram of the Six

Level 9:

1. Fathom the Depths
2. Haywire Foundry
3. The Church and the Cult
4. The Claw of Vulkoor
5. The Jungle of Khyber
6. The Keeper's Sanctuary
7. The Last Stand
(8) Entering the Gate Chamber
(9) Into the Deep
(10) Co6: Cleansing the Temple
(11): Co6: Fall of the Prelate
(12) The Library of Threnal
(13) The Missing Expedition
(14) The Shadow Crypt

Level 10:

1. Hiding in Plain Sight
2. Reclamation
3. Sykro's Jewel
4. Chamber of Rahmat
(5) Bring Me the Head of the Ghola-Fan
(6) Escort the Expedition
(7) Hold for Reinforcements
(8) Secure the Area
(9) Slavers of the Shrieking Mines
(10) Co6: Church of the Fury
(12) Co6: Quench the Flames
[13] Tempest's Spine
[14] The Vault of Night
[15] The Plane of Night

Level 11:

1. An Offering of Blood
2. And the Dead Shall Rise...
3. Desert Caravan
4. Dreams of Insanity
5. From Beyond the Grave
6. Made to Order
7. Maraud the Mines
8. Purge the Fallen Shrine
9. Raid the Vulkoorim
10.The Chamber of Kourush
11. An Enemy Within
12. The Spawn of Whisperdoom
13. Tomb of the Blighted
14. Tomb of the Forbidden
15. Tomb of the Tormented
16. Tomb of the Unhallowed
[17] The Twilight Forge

Level 12:

1. A Relic of a Sovereign Past
2. Chains of Flame
3. Diplomatic Impunity
4. Eyes of Stone
5. Frame Work
6. Invaders!
7. The Chamber of Raiyum
(8) Against the Demon Queen
(9) The Cursed Crypt
[10] The Titan Awakes
[11] Zawabi's Revenge

Level 13:

1. A Cry for Help
2. Assault on Summerfield
3. Blockade Buster
4. Feast or Famine
5. Foundation of Discord
6. Mired in Kobolds
7. Siegebreaker
8. The Maze of Madness
9. Trial by Fire
10. Undermine

Level 14:

1. A Cabal for One
2. Desecrated Temple of Vol
3. Flesh Maker's Laboratory
4. Ghosts of Perdition
5. Gianthold Tor
6. Inferno of the Damned
7. Madstone Crater
8. The Crucible
9. Prison of the Planes
[10] The Reaver's Fate

Level 15:

1. Acid Wit
2. Delirium
3. Disciples of Shar
4. Escape Plan
5. Fear Factory
6. Missing
7. Shadow of a Doubt
8. Sinister Storage
(9) Litany of the Dead
(10) In the Flesh

Level 16:

1. A Lesson in Deception
2. Army of Shadow
3. Beyond the Rift
4. Friends in Low Places
5. Let Sleeping Dust Lie
6. Rainbow in the Dark
7. Ritual Sacrifice
8. Running With the Devils
9. Servants of the Overlord
10. Coalescence Chamber
11. The Lords of Dust
12. The Spinner of Shadows
13. Thrill of the Hunt
(14) Through a Mirror Darkly

Level 17:

1. Acute Delirium
2. Enter the Kobokd
3. Monastery of the Scorpion
4. Outbreak
5. Overgrowth
6. Prey on the Hunter
7. The Lord of Stone
8. Sane Asylum
9. Thorn and Paw
(10) Stealer of Souls
(11) Druid's Curse
(12) The Lord of Eyes
[13] Ascension Chamber
[14] The Shroud

Level 18:

1. A Stay at the Inn
2. Detour
3. Dream Conspiracy
4. Finding the Path
5. I Dream of Jeets
6. In the Demon's Den
7. Lost in the Swamp
8. Rest Stop
9. The Mindsunder
10. The Shipwrecked Spy
(11) End of the Road
[12] Vision of Destruction
[13] Hound of Xoriat

Level 19:

1. A Break in the Ice
2. A New Invasion
3. Bastion of Power
4. Blown to Bits
5. Breaking the Ranks
6. Eye of the Titan
7. Genesis Point
8. Lines of Supply
9. Mining for Ancient Secrets
10. Murder by Night
12. Power Play
13. Raiding the Giant's Vault
14. Reclaiming Memories
15. Schemes of the Enemy
16. Sins of Attrition
17. The Riddle
18. The Tracker's Trap
19. The Weapon's Shipment
20. What Goes Up
22. Wrath of the Flame
[23] The Master Artificer

Level 20:

1. A Small Problem
2. Bargain of Blood
3. Partycrashers
4. The Black Loch
5. The Dreaming Dark
6. The Snitch
(7) The Tide Turns
(8) Under the Big Top
[9] The Lord of Blades
[10] Tower of Despair

Level 21:

1. An Offering of Blood
2. Beyond the Rift
3. Devil Assault
4. Fathom the Depths
5. Impossible Demands
6. Servants of the Overlord
7. Spies in the House
8. Tharask Arena
9. Battle for Eveningstar
10. Claw of Vulkoor
11. The Last Stand
12. Lords of Dust
13. The Lost Thread
14. The Prisoner
15. Spinner of Shadows
16. The Unquiet Graves
(17) Into the Deep
[18] The Chronoscope

Level 22:

1. Chains of Flame
2. Don't Drink the Water
3. Haywire Foundry
4. In the Belly of the Beast
5. Chamber if Raiyum
6. The House of Broken Chains
7. The House of Death Undone
8. The House of Rusted Blades
9. The Jungle of Khyber
(10) Against the Demon Queen
(11) The Portal Opens
[12] The Lord of Blades
[13] The Master Artificer
[14] Vault of Night
[15] Plane of Night
[16] Zawabi's Revenge

Level 23:

1. Outbreak
2. Overgrowth
3. Reclaiming the Rift
4. Deal and the Demon
5. The Druid's Curse
6. Thorn and Paw
7. Trial by Fury

Level 24:

1. A Cry for Help
2. A Stay at the Inn
3. Detour
4. Feast or Famine
5. Foundation of Discord
6. Lost in the Swamp
7. Rest Stop
8. A Cabal for One
9. Gianthold Tor
10. Madstone Crater
11. Prison of the Planes
12. The Crucible
13. The Maze of Madness
14. Trial by Fire
(15) End of the Road
[16] Caught in the Web

Level 25+:

1. A Lesson in Deception
2. A Study in Sable
3. Army of Shadow
4. Friends in Low Places
5. Thrill of the Hunt
6. A Break in the Ice
7. Breaking the Ranks
8. Lines of Supply
9. Tracker's Trap
10. Brothers of the Forge
(11) Through a Mirror Darkly
(12) What Goes Up
[13] The Fall of Truth