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    Default Skirts on male cosmetic armor

    I was looking at some cosmetic armor and I found that the the leaf armor(med and hvy) had skirts on them.
    I was using a male character; so that didn't make sense. If it was a kilt, that wouldn't have been too bad; but
    it was the standard tan skirt you find on female armor. Anyone else notice?

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    Nothing wrong here.
    Males wore skirt/skirt-like clothes for most of history of mankind.

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    They're called Bases. They were used to add a bit of extra protection to the upper leg area without sacrificing mobility.

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    Not Skirts!

    Kilts! {P.S. Can we get an actual Tartan Armour Kit for the Celts amongst us pls Devs}

    The Romans and The Greeks both wore Skirt like Armour for a very long time!

    Still I do find that the Devs have Mismatched some of their Armour Kits/Looks:

    The Leaves of the Forest is one of the worst as it looks truly ridiculous on a Male Character of ANY Race!

    When assigning Kits to Hirelings they seem to have given said assignment to Johnny from Airplane!

    Bikinis on Dwarves DON'T WORK Devs!
    In fact way too many of the Dwarf Hirelings are in need of Psychiatric Help if their Fashion Sense is anything to go by!
    Oh and That Red Crest Armour Kit DOES NOT WORK on Full Plate! {Tini Brightlight - Halfling Paladin is your go to Example!}.
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