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    Default Any builds combine spellcasting and ranged attacks, like with a repeater?

    Anyone ever played with that? Not talking about great damage with the crossbows, just some supplemental damage and effects, like shattermantle, or putting stuff to sleep with the Doublecross Bow.

    Or perhaps there are some other examples of primarily spellcasters using some kind of secondary combat? Anything useful that doesn't take a lot of feats to optimize?

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    Basically you mean an artificer?
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    You mean other than just playing an artificer?

    You could splash some arti on a wizard I guess, but in order to get enough arti to make it worthwhile as far as crossbows go, you'd be losing quite a bit on the wizard side.

    You could play an Arcane Archer caster using a bow. Elven wizard would probably work, though you'd likely want to splash 2 fighter levels at 19 and 20 to pick up Improved Precise Shot... (1. Point Blank Shot and Maximize, 3. Rapid Shot, 5. Spell Focus, 6. Precise Shot, 9. Insightful Reflexes, 10. Greater Spell Focus, 12. Manyshot, 15. Weapon Focus and Quicken, 18. Heighten, 19. Bow Strength, 20. Improved Precise Shot). I don't know how good or worthwhile that would be, especially considering how many AP you'd be spending on the archery side of things to make it worth the investment, but there it is.

    There are also monkcher cleric and favored soul builds.
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    Play a pure artificer. No combination of classes is going to give you the same power. Caster + AA or repeater is pretty gimpy caster side or pretty gimpy ranged damage. Artificer also can take their caster stat and use it as either to-hit or damage on repeaters. Win-win.

    PS: I have a monkcher cleric, sorry to say but WF arti wins by a huge range. The BB is way way way stronger on a pure artificer than 12-13 level cleric, and arties have more feat slots period.
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