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    Default Chains of Flame

    This is not a 5 min EE solo pic, but a short piece of fiction I wrote after an incredible run of Chains of Flames I did a couple of months ago with a guildie. Hope you like it. Please forgive my grammar mistakes and all (it was this or spanish).

    Chains of Flame

    His barbaric friend was nowhere to be seen. Dassin searched among the corpses of the dog faced men lying at his feet, to no avail. He looked over the side of the precarius stone bridge to the lava pits far below.

    They had come a long way. They were for sure more than half the way to the top of the Fire Mountain, though it was difficult to tell as the fortress-city of the dog men was built not at the base of the mountain, nor even on its sides, but in its bowels.

    The intense glow of the lava below erupted in a gush of liquid flame and Dassin came to his senses once more. He reached over the border and jumped.

    He floated like a feather for many, many heartbeats, slowly descending to the lava while looking for signs of his friend. There, on an island of stone against the fortress black wall, lied the remains of the northern warrior. He was nothing more than a pulp of smoking flesh and melted armor. Still…

    Dassin was exhausted and his magic was almost depleted. Though he know of no magic that could raise the dead, there was that ancient parchment he has bought for a small fortune at the bazaar. By no means he was certain that he could decipher its religious meanings, the ancient language of the primeal gods of the River.

    He reached out for the scroll, banish his mind of any thoughts, and started reciting the sacred words. He could not make any sense out of the golden glyphs beautifuly drawn on the parchment. It was like hearing someone else speaking.

    When he finished the chant, he snapped out of the trance and found out that the scroll was gone. No trace of it remained between his polished steel fingertips. But the warrior was whole again, sleeping at his feet back from an endless night. He stirred and breathed heavily, probably because of the fumes of the lava.

    - So, my metallic friend, you did manage to slow my fall, somehow. My last wish came true – said the warrior and grinned, trying to sit down.
    - By no means would I have deprived myself of your company. – answered Dassin, thinking it would be better to keep the truth untold for now.
    - I hope then that you also saved the key I took from the overseer. Last thing I remember is the key slipping from my grasp…

    Dassin´s eyes blinked uncontrollably. He could not thought of any path to take.

    The warrior, seeing his partner worried face realized that they were trapped. There was no way to come through that last door at the top without the adamantine key. Adamantine…
    - You know, that key and you have a strong resemblance now that I think of it. Both of you are so sturdy, for not saying solid stubborn, that you can stand quite a good deal of heat.

    Dassin´s eyes stopped its mechanic tic and he turned to look at the warrior.
    - So, right after I saved your life, you are asking me to go for a swim in lava. – He sighed. – I would not last long in there. And I am not all adamantine, as you well know.
    - The key is, but it won´t last much down there neither- The warrior suddenly appeared tired and serious. – I wouldn´t ask you to do it, if it were not our only chance. Without that key, without the Orb at the top of the Burning City, we are doomed.

    Dassin knew he was right. He instantly casted the couple of spells that would protect him from some of the heat.
    - Where? – he asked.

    They decided the most probable place for the key to have sank was near a black stone pillar protruding from the lava about 50 feet from where they were. At least 100 feet of lava in total. What else could he do? His fears diminished as he realized there was no other option. Without a word, he plunged into the lava.

    The heat blowed his mind like a maul. It took some precious seconds to stabilize his systems and continue swimming. But he managed to stay calm. There was only the task ahead.

    When he reached the pillar, he noticed the protective spells were not able to restrain enough heat. His external plating would melt away if he did not turn arround in the next heartbeats. And the key was nowhere to be seen. But he would not turn back. There was nothing left for them without the key… There! Behind the pillar he could see something the size of his finger glowing, gleaming in the red heat. He took it and swam back as fast as he could.

    When he reached the island by the wall, he was barely alive. The warrior tended to his wounds at the best of his abilities and Dassin was able to repair himself slowly after he restabilized.

    They managed to climb the wall and found, for a second time, a small shrine to some forgotten god in an abandoned passage that led beyond the outer wall of the fortress. There they rested.

    Dassin was now confident. No number of men dog nor infernal magic could be worse than melting into oblivion in that sea of fire.

    After many more fights, they found a last slave, whom they freed of his blindness curse. He told them that the Vizier, reigning lord of the Burning City, and his infamous orb, were close.

    The fight with the efreet and his minions was a blur of fire and blood. All he could clearly remember afterwards was the warrior holding a dozen dog men at the gates to the throne chamber. Dassin had miscasted his last spell and he knew he would have been helplessly outnumbered if it were not for the warrior. The Vizier finally succumbed to their combined attack of magic and steel.

    Inside the Vizier´s treasure hoard was the orb. A flawless ball of crystal filled with burning light. The orb was their only means of escape. It was life itself. And power. Unconceivable power. All that fire…

    The warrior put a hand on his shoulder and Dassin snapped out of his dream vision.
    - Let´s get out of here, friend. - said the warrior -. We did really well today. No reason to stay in this accursed mountain not another heartbeat. Can you take us out?
    - Yes – said Dassin accepting his friend hand. – I can.


    That lava swim was something. After raising my mate by means of umd scrolling (i´m very proud of spending skill points on umd just for raises and heals, and having crafted a GS item to reach just 75% success rate on it), we climbed back all the way to the top to realize the key to the next door should be at the bottom of the lava pit.

    We were about to release but I thought "we´ve reached this far, I´m gonna try a little swim before quiting". And believe me, it was not easy for Tym and me to duo Chains on elite at level.

    Worse of all, I had no idea where the key was. I made a wild guess and dive into the lava. I was at half life when i found it. I was at 10/280 hp when i made it out of the lava. After that, no bloody gnoll would spoil our run.

    Most heroic thing I´ve done in DDO so far.
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    A fun read! Well done.

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    +1 for your lava swim & story.
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