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    Default Mining Challenges and buying wrong stuff from the foreman

    Come on guys, how hard is it to put that extra line that says "You need a requisition form to purchase more of that item" and such things in a way that it doesn't mess with the position of the purchase options?

    Now and then I keep on buying an extra teleporter or a couple of healing torches when I don't need them because that line appears (or disappears) and the purchase options change positions while I'm clicking and clicking in order to buy the maximum amount of whatever I need.

    Sure, it is a harmless issue, but it can be so annoying!

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    It is a simple matter of good UI design. That's all I have to say.

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    That can be really frustrating. The timers can press on the nerves. Personally, I do things waaaay to nervously and quickly in timed quests and all challenges. Little things like you are mentioning are actually big issues. I hope they correct them.

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