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    Default "The Lost Thread" Quest

    Ok, who redid this quest to now require two people (or the use of a hireling)?

    The gate "puzzle" had been straightforward, with the lever before the gate blocking the exit door acting to raise the gate behind you while lowering the gate in front of the exit door. Now suddenly that lever has no effect on the gate before the exit door, requiring the use of a hireling (or another person) to pull the middle lever in the outside hallway to open the gate in front of the exit door. You can no longer solo it without a hireling since the middle lever also raises the gate to block you from entering the corridor with the exit door.

    I have never seen a post to the effect of "Hey Turbine, please redo your quests so we need at least one hireling to complete it solo."

    I guess we have to get used to it, but I don't see the purpose.

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    hmmm i did it last week no problem when did you notice this change?

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    Your question also presumes you are merely attempting to pass to the next area, and not attempting to lower any other games to save any villagers in a nearby room, except perhaps the brainwashed wizard.
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    I've always done it with a hireling. I never knew you could do it WITHOUT one.

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    I take it you used the recommended path in ddowiki?

    1 and 3 down then 5 and 6.

    I did it last week with issue, are you sure you didn't accidentally pull another lever?

    If the change happened within the last week, my info might be out of date.
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    The worst part about it is that if you use an arti/druid pet to pull levers and then release the pet - there is a good chance the quest will glitch @ the end fight. It took me a while to figure out what was causing it.

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