The Siberys Fellowship is a small, newly established guild on Khyber Server. We are family friendly and mostly casual but interested in doing as much in DDO as we can fit into our schedules. We are currently looking for people who like the idea of enjoying DDO in the same way the Pen and Paper game of Dungeons and Dragons is enjoyed: Fun adventures and roleplaying. (Killing monsters and looting their stuff)

Our current active members function on EST and PST, but we're willing to discuss times and dates for setting up runs in different adventure chains. We are happy to have Free to Play, Premium, and VIP Members regardless of skill level. We have not begun to sort out raiding yet, but we're interested in opinions. A Community Page on Google Plus has been set up, feel free to request to join (simply do a search for Siberys Fellowship)

If you're interested you may post a reply here, send me a Private Message, or contact Diviis, Raot, Aewon, or Gadgget in game.

Thanks, and enjoy the game.