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    Quote Originally Posted by Drelak View Post
    I love the colors and feel of Gwylan's stand and Redwillow ruins.

    I also like Caverns of Korromar and Haunted library.

    I hate Red fens in general, mostly because the effects cause lag for me, and Gianthold because of the red color is so depressing.
    In general, I like the lighter and friendlier mood, that makes me feel I am a hero and all is in control. Helps me have fun and relax.
    Green, blue, light gray.

    I hate the "dark and broody" teenager feel with deep red and black. I feel way too old for that.

    I want to change my choices. Pick any three from Gianthold, and THOSE are my favorites!

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    Devils Assault

    I find party crashers, crucible, the pit, etc annoying. Yeah, I'm that guy they love to put down as loving hack and slash... yup! I have to solve problems all day at work, I have fun doing simpler things in game... Crushing hordes of baddies!

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    1. Tempest Spine

    2. Chronoscope

    3. Depths Chain

    Tears, Gwylan, Lordmarch, STK, Sharn, Partycrashers, Snitch, Madness, Tangleroot, Korromar, Relic, all Jorasco Quests (esp Redwillow), most Harbor, WW, Stormcleave Outpost, Lords & Servant, Druids, Cannith Quests (but not LoB)

    NOT Like:
    Necro 1, Necro 2, Necro 3, Necro 4, GH (running to quests), 3rd Eveningstar (running), CitW (mindless and the unavoidable deaths in part 1), Made to Order (at Level), soloing ShipwreckedSpy, THRENAL, And the Dead Shall Rise (Mummies, Endfight), Menechtarun (Undead, Running), Ritual (Archers), Faithful Departed (saving Venerateds), Spinner, Demons Den on elite ... and all of the Challenges

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    I like how this thread has everyone listing different quests... almost of all which I agree are good quests...

    So we're talking at least 100 really good quests just in this thread.

    DDO is a pretty good game, don't you think?
    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago. Note - This was posted in 10/2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Eth View Post
    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
    Quote Originally Posted by TedSandyman View Post
    Some people brag about how fast they finished the game. I cant think of a stupider thing to brag about. Or in this game, going from level 1 to level 30 in two days, or however long it takes. I can't even begin to imagine what drives a person to think that is fun. You are ignoring all of the content and options and going for sheer speed. It is like going to a museum and bragging about how fast you made it through. Or bragging about how fast you finished a good steak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    I like how this thread has everyone listing different quests... almost of all which I agree are good quests...

    So we're talking at least 100 really good quests just in this thread.

    DDO is a pretty good game, don't you think?
    An amazing game. Too bad it attracts a disproportionately large number of whiny cry babies....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    I like how this thread has everyone listing different quests... almost of all which I agree are good quests...

    So we're talking at least 100 really good quests just in this thread.

    DDO is a pretty good game, don't you think?
    How many of those quests came out after MOTU?

    Im seeing alot of older content being named - quests made when content focus was the primary driver for financial success.

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    Hard to list just 3:

    Into The Deep
    Lord Of Eyes

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    My top 3

    1) Sorrowdusk, all quests - I just love this chain and the adventure area. I run it every life, usually twice. I find the story engaging and the quests an all around blast. I love running around the island.

    2) Devils Assault - I love defensive quests, and this one is the best of them. Kobold assault is a contender here too.

    3) Shroud - Just awesome. Perfect raid. Awesome boss fights, neat puzzles, requires just the right amount of teamwork.

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    Epic Lord of the Blades before MOTU broke it
    Elite Abbot before people started to use... "workarounds" to solve the puzzles
    Necro4 cause who doesnt like XP

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    1. Delera's chain
    2. Stormcleave
    3. Von chain

    While I like XC I don't find it a challenge and if it wasn't for the pressure plates it would be easy for most to solo
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    Beware the Sleepeater

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    Acute Delirium
    Sorrowdusk chain (for nostalgia reasons, it is one part of DDO which is the most like 1st ed. AD&D)

    As for raids... I had done surprisingly few of them. I did HoX and VoD exactly once each, Tempest Spine, Chronoscope and Plane of Night a few times, and Shroud dozens of times. Of these, Shroud is my favorite.

    Oh, and I really like Cannith challenges, to the point I made a MinII longbow for my bard as Devashta-beater. Eveningstar challenges, not much.
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    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

    "Of course it is. Are YOU going to question beholder's artistic sense?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    I like how this thread has everyone listing different quests... almost of all which I agree are good quests...

    So we're talking at least 100 really good quests just in this thread.

    DDO is a pretty good game, don't you think?
    LMAO. It's true, I love this game in all levels

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    It's really hard to come up with only three. A lot of quests have aspects that I like, but here are my top three based on the quests overall:

    3. The Pit

    The very concept of the quest - restarting a giant machine - just epitomizes the Eberron setting for me. It's challenging on multiple levels - enemies, puzzles, navigation, etc. On top of all of it, there are plenty of secret extras. From the moment I received my restart manual I was hooked.

    2. The Lord of Blades

    LoB is easily my favorite raid in the game. I realize folks have a soft spot for others like VoN because of nostalgia and story or Abbot for the difficulty and sense of accomplishment, but LoB is just good design. First, the pre-raid sets the scene well while not overshadowing the raid itself. In raids like VoN the difficult part is the pre-raid; the actual raid boss just feels anti-climactic after the complexity and teamwork required to get that far. The raid itself helps to tell the story. From the warforged converts to the floating platform (when's the last time anyone rode that!) that shows off the scope of the creation forge, it all feels right at home in Eberron. The fight itself is well done. There's a lot to keep track, plenty of jobs for everyone to do, and there's enough variation in the boss beatdown that it doesn't get boring.

    1. Beyond the Rift

    BtR does such a great job of capturing the feel of the Forgotten Realms. Right from the start you get to see Elminster in all his Mary Sue glory as he one-shots a bebilith and babbles about his exploits and schemes and other assorted BS - all voiced just as I'd expect Elminster to sound. The Demonweb and, especially, the Underdark look amazing. The Underdark actually feels like a dark, oppressive, and dangerous subterranean realm. The Underdark is also a great introduction to FR with all of the spiders and their overpowered, spider-loving drow masters. Even the spellwards, as annoying as they are and as much as I hate them, feel right at home in a drow-controlled section of the Underdark. You top it all off by meeting Ana Brabener, who is simply Shandril Shessair - the overpowered Mary Sue skank from Spellfire - with the serial number filed off. BtR encapsulates everything there is to love and hate about the FR in one fantastically beautiful quest, and I love it.

    Honorable Mentions

    • Proof is in the Poison - great combination of challenge and story
    • Depths chain - classic D&D style adventure
    • Ruined Halls - I love monsters fighting each other, and storing them in stasis crates and barrels is so Eberron
    • Prove Your Worth - breath of fresh, non-hack-and-slash air
    • Ghost of a Chance - epic tile puzzle for a worthy cause
    • Inspired Quarter - so trippy
    • Prison of Planes - love the concept of a planar prison
    • Monastery of the Scorpion - more than just hack-and-slash, very atmospheric, a rogue's paradise
    • Tomb of the Tormented - I love it as much as everyone else hates it

    Astreya the Unturning

    It's always a shame when the hammer of poor design choices smashes the fun of player tactical adaptation.

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    I only listed two quests before, so after some though here's my third:

    Colossal Crystals. Technically it's a Challenge, but it's as good or better than any of the quests out there. Requires teamwork, strategy, there is a learning curve, and it was just the right amount of challenging.

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    The pit and crucible (equal 1st)
    In the flesh
    Prove your worth

    Raids - Twilight Forge (not the Titan), Tempest Spine, VoN5 in that order

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    Haverdasher - It's quick and yields many vials of pure water. I don't particular like scorpions but at least they BBQ crispily.

    Gwyland's Stand - Always fun. Good experience and loot. And I have fond memories of everyone dying a lot in one of the sections.

    Crystal Cove (or maybe it's named Euphonia's Challenge?) - The original challenge. I still love it.

    Delerium - Different, weird and amusing.

    Sharn Syndicate - Fast to run and varied. A nice change of pace.

    The Depths chain - Again, fast to run but the monsters always seem nicely varied - a good variety of critters.

    Chronoscope - It's always a little surreal playing a quest in the marketplace.

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    1) Tempest Spine

    2) Shroud

    3) Chronoscope

    Know all three backwards but never tire of them. Tempest spine is such a romp (although I usually end up hanging back to help find the new player who always gets left behind and lost)

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    Tough to get down to three really =/

    The Pit: It's a quest that when I first started playing (and for a pretty long time after) was in my eyes a quest that was super hard and only to be done with a very good, full party. But I eventually managed to learn the quest, got better at the game and it eventually became a quest that I could do on my own, which makes it really satisfying to do. It's still a fairly challenging quest and requires tactics and it's just so nice to defeat something that used to seem overwhelming.

    The Crucible: Very similar to The Pit, but it used to be even scarier. I still don't know it perfectly but I know enough of the tricks to solo it these days, but it's a really interesting quest and it's nice to play when you're not as stressed and lost.

    Delirium: I just love this quest for so many reasons. Drinking beholders under the table? Fighting keys? Secret rooms in mirrors? Revolting puzzle tiles? Great narration? Man that quest has everything.

    The Shroud: Another quest that used to terrify me for a very, very long time. Made worse by it being a raid. It's a fun and varied quest that tests the party in a fair few ways. There's always the chance of failing, and the times that you do fail just make the times that you succeed taste even sweeter. I like quests where there's teamwork involved, but not just for the sake of it (I don't like quests like Xorian Cipher because the only real reason that you're /required/ to have a party is because of having to be in two/four places at once.)

    Hounds of Xoriat: I've got to admit, I've only done this raid... twice I think? And one of those was a wipe. But man it's so satisfying to complete this quest, and the teamwork that you have to do to pull it off is really fun. I'd love to do it more often, but I don't know it well enough to lead a group and I don't see groups for it very often at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bsquishwizzy View Post
    I want to change my choices. Pick any three from Gianthold, and THOSE are my favorites!
    Having an age crisis?

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    I cannot find three best quests ever. It depends on level. Every level has quest that i will always run and i like it.

    Level 1: Stopping the Sahuagin
    Level 2: Walk the Butcher's Path
    Level 3: The Swiped Signet
    Level 4: The Depths of ... (Deneth chain)
    Level 5: STK whole chain
    Level 6: The Chronoscope
    Level 7: Delera, The Tear of Dhakaan
    Level 8: Haunted Library
    Level 9: The Church and the Cult
    Level 10: Hiding in Plain Sight, Tempest's Spine
    Level 11: Dreams of Insanity
    Level 12: Diplomatic Impunity / Eyes of Stone / Frame Work
    Level 13: Mired in Kobolds
    Level 14: Gianthold Tor
    Level 15: Acid Wit, In The Flesh (no BB)
    Level 16: The Lords of Dust whole chain
    Level 17: The Shroud (actually never played at level)
    Level 18: n/a
    Level 19: cannith quest chain
    Level 20: Bargain of Blood / The Black Loch / The Tide Turns
    Level 21: The Darkening (King's Forest chain)
    Level 22: Don't Drink the Water
    Level 23: Demonweb wilderness (not chain)
    Level 24: Caught in the Web

    Thelanis: Shewind the Airbender (Sorc20/Epic5 -> Bard20/Epic8 -> Rog20/Epic8/Epic2 -> Harper_FvS20/Epic4 -> Art20/Epic8/Epic8 -> Rng20/Epic10 -> Drd6),
    Azaxe (Rog18/Wiz2 -> Sorc20/Epic8/Epic10->Sorc(EK)17)

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