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    Probably a minority choice, but I really like the Phiarlin Carnie chain. Partyrashers is an easy #1, Big Top #2, and I'd have to put Snitch and Problem as a tie for 3rd.

    Otherwise the second half of Sorrowdusk is nostalgic (my first pack I bought), and that chain probably can be considered a single quest due to the repetitious dungeon(s).

    Raid...I'm pretty fond of the entire Subterrane, still that one area that remains mostly mysterious even though I've been through it a bunch of times. Whatever those floating meteor things are, they really woke me up my first run through there...and the raids themselves are fun.
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    1) The pit. This one time I duoed it at elite BB with my rogue and a nice monk in under 20 minutes.

    2) Wiz King. I've literally only just started soloing this quest in the last week ... I could always do the towers but never could remember how to get to them (my earliest memories would always be in groups that broke the floors and we'd spend ages lost). Probably odd that I found my way around the pit easily, but not wiz king.

    3) Deleras part 2 ... No, part 4. Wait no, part 2 is better, but then I like part 4 even more ... But bit part 2 is awesome , aaargh I cant decide.
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    Default lol 3!?! Just 3!?!

    So many good quests ... Top 3? Don't know that I could do more than narrow it down by ranges of some kind ...

    Fun and a Blast, run when it is posted if you can get in:
    1. TS
    2. In the Flesh - best narration award goes to ...
    3. Blown to Bits; what's a little explosive fun between friends!

    1. Seeing a Dragon in Misery's Peak and watching it ramble through the halls of ice - with a little payback.
    2. Von 6; Velah and the background is damn impressive still.
    3. Shroud - Harry's splash down is impressive and he was bad ass. I remember the days when completing the raid wasn't a given. Give Harry some twink gear and ship buffs though ...

    1. Gwylan's Stand
    2. Caverns of Korramar (used to be, might still be, the 1st look at a Beholder)
    3. Invaders (still remember waiting for a Wizard with Enlarge to get those Cloudkills down)

    More than 3 to Test your mettle AT level:
    1. The Pit
    2. Spies in the House
    3. Made to Order
    4. Crucible
    5. Monastery of the Scorpion; I still see groups wipe at level.
    6. Any Shavarath quest
    7. Many more.

    For Puzzles / word games:
    1. The Sane Asylum
    2. Ghost of a Chance
    3. Litany of the Dead

    Best chain?
    1. STK
    2. Von 1-4
    3. Web of Chaos

    Best Epics? I don't know the newest ones well enough yet to give a proper rank.

    ... and this still leaves out tone of great quests like Delirium and explorer areas - Love the King's Forest ... and other personal favs; I also haven't thought about explorer areas ... swimming quests , and so many others!
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    3 Wiz King
    2 Deleras Chain
    1 Tear of D

    The all involves variety loyts of killing and have dungeony vertical element.
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    Redwillow Ruins.
    Caverns of Korromar.

    Since I just can't name only three;

    Chains of Flame
    Tangleroot Chain
    Gwylan's Stand
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    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
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    STK chain (feels like one long quest)
    In The Flesh
    Gianthold Tor

    Honorable mentions:
    A Study In Sable
    Lordsmarch Plaza quests
    Attack on Stormreach quests
    Crucible & Maze, on a rogue

    Raids: Abbot, ToD, Shroud.
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    The Pit - when I learned how it worked it went from "one of my most hated quests" to "one of my favorites". The only drawback of it is that it gives so many xp that it's hard to fit in a second at-level run per life .

    Partycrashers - I love quests that allow for different approaches depending on the party composition.

    Chains of Flame - Imo the city that seems to go up forever inside a volcano is one of the (visually) most impressive dungeons in the game.

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    Weapon shipment - go in there on a non-caster & without a healer hireling for the main part (a nannybot for the NPC in 1st bit is fine) & don't use your most powerful destiny, it'll keep you on your toes even on a level 28... is also hilarious watching unprepared newbies panic, i keep the Benny Hill theme readied

    Rainbow in the Dark - the dark mechanic adds a nice extra angle & also hey, Dio! \m/

    Catacombs chain - a nice P&P module feel.
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    I love the colors and feel of Gwylan's stand and Redwillow ruins.

    I also like Caverns of Korromar and Haunted library.

    I hate Red fens in general, mostly because the effects cause lag for me, and Gianthold because of the red color is so depressing.
    In general, I like the lighter and friendlier mood, that makes me feel I am a hero and all is in control. Helps me have fun and relax.
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    I love a good story, atmosphere and maze design, so, I´d go with:

    1- Rainbow in the Dark (though i prefer to solo this one)
    2- Chains of Flames
    3- In the Belly of the Beast

    Crucible should be there, but since I can´t make myself to learn it and many PUGs have been a disaster...
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    Hold For Reinforcements (I think it's this one)-- I enjoy knocking out Coyle.
    Party Crashers- bluffing Tieflings, and a rest room toilet... such fun
    Devil Assault- I may be alone here, but when I first tried running this ages ago, took me and the group I was in forever.. very last stand-y feel, especially when your party starts running out of sp, pots, and luck.
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    1) Rainbow in the dark.
    The guy who develop this is great. Its by far the best quest in my opinion, awesome. Thanks.

    2) In the flesh

    3) Giantold Tor

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    Raids: ToD, Abbot, Lord of Blades
    Quests: Wizard King, DQ1, Into the Deep
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    Like others have said - only 3 !

    Rainbow in the Dark

    Any quest with Puzzles

    The Pit

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    The Claw of Vulkoor
    Blockade Buster
    Gwylan's Stand
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    The Twilight Blade of the Dragonheirs -- fun build, outdated by rogue pass
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    Walk the Butcher's Path
    The Bloody Crypt/Shadow Crypt tie for 3rd.

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    Hard to pick just three.

    Two-toed Tobias.
    For some reason I really like the feel of the quest, and try to run it whenever I'm in level range.

    Servants of the Overlord
    One of the only quests thus far that I ran when it first came out, not knowing what to expect. Maybe it is nostalgic for me, but descending down and down, and that end-fight is something I look forward to running.

    Mired in Kobolds
    I consider this the non-raid version of Tempest Spine (which is another of my favorites). Very fun to run with a PUG.

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    Bloody Crypt is neat - mostly I like taking down a dungeon wing-by-wing (Wiz-king would be here, but the since the other towers are optional it feels different).

    Shroud/ToD - Mainly I like the feel of the bosses and different objectives within the raids, with each part requiring different gear/party roles to be optimal (never did Abbot).

    Delera's chain - I like a good dungeon crawl. Catacombs would be here too but I really hate running up and down the stairs all the time especially for so little reward.
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    The Pit
    The Shroud
    Quote Originally Posted by The-Last-Wolf View Post
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    Jungle of Khyber
    The Kobold's New Ringleader
    Trial by Fire

    The Tear of Dhakaan is also good but too easy. I also like Tomb of the Shadow Knight. Mired in Kobolds mama dragon is also fun. As is Running with the Devils. A full Chrono elite at level/bb is also pretty awesome....I should prob squeeze into my top 3 but they are so rare that I don't get a chance to run it much.

    My fav voice acting is in The Lords of Dust. Awesome!! I also like the voice acting in House of Rusted Blades.

    I don't find Xorian Cipher to be an extreme challenge to a balanced party. I think the hardest quest to do at level is the Zawabi's revenge raid. Lailat is a nasty sob at level especially if you are shortmanning. I also think Chrono at level is harder than Xorian Cipher.
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