Life #9 is coming up on my completionist and I want to get my wizzy spell pen in for the other caster lives. I have played all sorts of casters (Pure PM, AM, human, drow, WF, etc). It would be a breeze to do a PM but I was thinking 2 rogue to trap along the way. I have also considered the wraith monk and it looks interesting (I love monks). I have not looked at the EK tree so I don't know what that will offer. Just looking for input from those of you who have played a PM monk, do they level well, is it even worth it if I plan on TRing again shortly after lvl 20, does it add to the experience?

If it matters PL include all melee and druid. Not playing EE, just leveling and TRing after a bit of ED work. Substantial amount of gear available to him.

Thanks in advance for any input.