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    Default Hunting Cordovan Through Undermine

    As part of Cordovan's Movember Fundraising, I was fortunate enough to win an opportuntiy to smack Cordovan about the head in a PVP pit. I thought about this at length and decided that unless Jerry could take 22k damage to the face and bounce back, then the fight would be very brief and a little bit one-sided.

    So I suggested a slightly different option, one that would give our esteemed Community Relations Representative a sporting chance to not only defend himself, but cause some mischief in the process. The plan is simple: We get a hunting party together and we hunt him through the depths of Undermine, the sound of hissing fuses providing a nice harmony to the exploding rocks and the silence of soulstones too slow to avoid them.

    The date was set for Friday 13th. An auspicious date for sure. The party was assembled from some of Ghallanda's more expereinced end game players to ensure that we could steamroll all over the unfortunate Turbiner. Well, that was the theory. What we maybe didn't count on was that he would come prepared and he knew what he was doing. As the collective disbelief dawned, we had to quickly reformulate the plan, get our act together and the hunt was on.

    Here you can see Cordovan dragged before the Coin Lords before the hunt began, accompanied by some trustworthy guards who are completely uncorruptable. Honest.

    What Jerry didn't realise is that we also had a Teamspeak session running at the same time, so while he could hear us in party chat, he couldn't hear us in Teamspeak. So he'll be hearing this for the first time There is some colourful language along the way from us, so if you're offended by that then don't bother clicking the link, or watch it muted.

    You can watch the video of the hunt here

    Without any spoilers, I'm happy to say that every single one of us died, notably to friendly fire, so while we did manage to tip the odds in our favour, it most certainly wasn't the one-sided outcome we had predicted

    As we all passed out our thanks for the bit of good fun and got ready to leave, Jerry then asked us if we had time for another run, but this time just a pure free-for-all race to the end. Everyone a potential target. Lemme think .... yip .... total no-brainer

    You can watch the video of the race here

    A bit more chaotic. The winner received a unique forum title which was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated.

    Excellent fun and all for a good cause. A massive thanks again to Jerry for being such a great sport.

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