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    Default Abbot raid yesterday

    I completed the Abbot raid last night for the first time. It's been something I've wanted to do a very long time, so I just want to express my appreciation.

    For all the reputation Abbot has as a difficult raid, the group had a laid back and confident atmosphere, which helped calm us newbies' nerves. A big factor in that was the leader Gnossos (of Silver Star?) and his patient and expert guidance.

    Thank you to everyone who joined, for proving Cannith can fill a pug Abbot with enough quality players to comfortably complete it.

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    I too only completed it my first time a few months ago. Seemed not too hard, but again we are so much more powerful now.

    Makes me appreciate the players whom did things like Elite ToD and Elite Shroud when the cap was 20 and with no EDs.
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    Abbot is one of the easiest raid of the game if you know it (or some ppl do), but for sure the hardest to learn. The only problem with abbot are the puzzles: if you got 2 ppl that know goggles, 2 for roids and 1 swimmer for ice, abbot is done, but is really hard to find 4 good ppl and 1 swimmer, than ppl think that is a difficult raid.
    Another wrong myth is that goggles is the hardest puzzle... again, goggles is the hardest to learn, but when you know it well is the easiest.
    Another wrong myth is that you need 4 ppl on roids, a lot of ppl can solo normal (i did) and elite can be duo easy, but 90% of pug wipes are with 4 ppl on roids.
    Ppl pretend to turn on autoattack and turn off brain, but in this way abbot is hard.
    If you are noob in abbot my advice is to run instructional runs, when you know goggles or roids well, you just need to find 3 more good ppl and abbot is done, if you are still noob you count less than a bot in abbot.

    Know goggles well = success 95% as leader
    Know roids well = success solo on normal, success duo on elite
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