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    Question Dwarf barb pure build

    Hell all,

    I need some advice please on the progression of my 1st tr dwarf pure barb which is currently at level 25 and of course i have the epic dest fury of the wild which is good.
    But which epic destiny do you think i should choose next just to build up my fate points so i can use the slots also out of all the epic dest's which parts do you think i should choose for my fate slots? and then
    should i go back to my first epic dest fury of the wild? trouble is if i choose the other epic destinys i need to redo my feats as they call for the cleave and greater cleave feats which i do not have.

    Ok thats that part done...:-)

    I am using a greataxe as my weapon with of course with the feats two handed fighting and so on, so what weapon for be good for me to take further the ancient axe you get in evening stars questing?
    or can you suggest any others.

    Many Thanks for all of your advice and help.

    Best Regards,

    DrBloodBones lvl 25 1str dwarf barb guild urban badger collective:-) lvl 59 so far:-)

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    You really should have Cleave and Great Cleave... they are great for DPS. I think most people consider them more important than the THF line these days.
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    Legendary Dreadnought is the obvious alternative to FotW, esp. if using greataxes (Anvil of Thunder + Headman's Chop) or even mauls (Pulverizer instead of HC). To me the must-have feats on a barb are Power Atk, Cleave, GC, Imp Crit Slash (or Blunt), and Overwhelming Crit. The rest can either go towards more DPS (THF chain), tactics (Stunning Blow+Imp Sunder), or even survivability.

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    if you are looking to max your fate points, you will have to level through all destinies and feats wont matter since you wont care really about any of the destinies outside of Primal. it would be a big waste of time swapping feats. there are some good twists to choose from in other destinies and they are a high cost if you want like a T3 twist. this link if you scroll down shows how many fate points required for each slot

    after you are done with your twists, than yes I would go back to FOTW. its obviously the most fitting destiny for a barb.

    my main barb has Critical Damage and Improved Power Attack from Legendary and I use Healing Spring from Shiradi. now that we have more fate points, I will be changing my twists eventually when I get back to my barb. I did her twists back when cap was 25.

    you need Cleave to get Great Cleave and they are what I consider musts for a barbarian, even if there were nor requirements to get them. with increased glancing blows and added damage with cleaving, you can do a ton of damage spamming them.

    EAGA is very good. greensteel great axe is good. the one from CITW seems alright but haven't really used it yet. those would be the more recommended choices.

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