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    Default Sagas in Adventure Compendium

    Add a "Sagas" Tab to the Adventure Compendium, that lists all Sagas, and allows you to keep track of them, without having to track down particular NPCs.

    While you're at it, make more Sagas, particularly with the older quests.


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    Totally agree. The sagas are poorly enough implemented already what with very inconsistent campaign system objectives (e.g. why do I have two characters stuck on "get more info from not-Gandalf" while two others are able to move on and see the other quest starter chains for the sagas?) and, lets face it, pretty sad rewards (you do all these quests to get experience and what is your reward - more experience! Pretty lame. Where is the super named loot list to make doing these things worthwhile).

    A decent tracking page in the compendium would go a long way towards making them a little more attractive. A new tab which shows each of the sagas (with mouseover help on their owner) and your current points (out of total max) and then under each is listed (indented) the contributing quests in sequence, your completion status and points/max. How hard could this be?

    Come on guys bang the rocks together. Stop releasing half worked out stuff. It is no sense pushing out new shiny things if they are not supported by UI changes as well.

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