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    Default Cookie Dough

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    "If you could make your own Festivult cookie, what would it be, and what would it do?"
    Item: Festivult Cookie Dough
    On successful reflex save vs. fire-based area attacks and traps, transmutes into Festivult Cookie: Summon Fire Mephit.
    On failed reflex save vs. fire-based area attacks and traps, transmutes into Festivult Cookie: Summon Smoke Mephit
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    Default Saviour Cookie

    A white cookie In the shape of an Angel...

    Deals X times level of character damage to all monsters (or disintegrates)/disables traps in the vicinity then resurrects a character. Limit to 1/account.

    For the time that you have slogged your way through a dungeon for ages (I remember the first time I did some quests with guildies one or two quests taking several hours) and spirit cakes only gives you 1-2 seconds before another death.

    While useful to the advanced dungeoneers, for the inexperienced players (not all geared up from countless reincarnations) it would be invaluable.

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    Durk's Cookie of the Deranged.

    Casts confusion and feeblemind vs foes and/or party members.

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    Lagfree cookie.

    Lag time stop...all freezes except you, fast completion

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    Well... Siberys cookie, Gold dragon shape. Casts True Ressurection, chances to get are 1/100 to that of usual 1-gold-coin cookie.

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    The Aweful Cookie, everyone is hypnotized by this awe inspiring cookie.

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    Cookie: Werewolf cookie
    Effect: Changes you to werewolf for 1 min per caster level of cookie and gives natural +4 to con, str, dex, and charisma. Also gives 50% attack speed for unarmed attacks. You are considered unarmed while werewolf and do 1d12 base dmg. Also gives immunity to fear and all attacks are considered as slashing attacks. Gives DR 15/silver and extra 1d4 vs. all vampires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebergar View Post
    Lasagna cookie,

    It would transform user into sleepy, grumpy, fat, ugly and spider-hating glutton.

    Wait... did I say TRANSFORM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drelak View Post
    Cookie in a for of a key.
    Unlocks all chests and locked doors in the dungeon.
    Drelak's cookie idea was good, but he did not express his idea properly: it should be called a "Skeleton Coo-key", baked in the shape of a key, and casts knock. There could be different varieties of these cookeys that have different levels of knock.

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    My goal is to find a way to stay interested in the grind of TRing.

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    It's always a shame when the hammer of poor design choices smashes the fun of player tactical adaptation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastrd View Post
    My goal is to find a way to stay interested in the grind of TRing.
    Think you are in the wrong thread.
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    Um, I'm almost afraid to ask, but exactly just what is 'sneak humping'? Kex! Stop It! O.o

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