What I want for Christmas is a raiders box, to be added to the DDO Store, to store all of my raid loot!

For those of us that could easily qualify for an episode of DDO Hoarders this would be a must have item!

I really enjoy true reincarnating my main character, Phineur. I think it is a blast!
Except when I need to empty my tr bank, then I cry a little.

Collecting things is a big hobby for many people. Collecting raid loot is one of mine. However with the extremely limited number of inventory and bank slots one character can acquire, and with the vast assortment of raid loot, it is not really possible.

I suggest that we be offered a trunk that we could just toss in the bank that we would be able to put all of our named raid loot in. Since there is a specific number of items that qualify, you could even make it like, er, uhm *coughs a little* Pokemon. (Yes I played it, you did too! :P ) You know you gotta collect them all. Having the box work like the pokedex with each item having a numbered slot would make it easy to find items as well.

When you come out with new raids you could just add the new spaces for that raid into the store to be purchases as additional space.

This would also have the benefit of getting people to run / purchase the outdated raids again.

Just one of those wishful, it just turned Christmas dreams I know.

Thanks and have a great Christmas Day!