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    Default Mandatory test for all incoming art developers.

    Question one: What color is snow?

    If they answer blue, do not hire them. Thank you.

    Seriously, this annoys me much more than the purple stuff in Wheloon. How do people not know the color of snow, when clearly they knew it in other zones (such as Reavers Refuge)?

    It's not pretty, it's not cute, it's dumb and ugly, which is a shame, because otherwise Eveningstar is, like King's Forest, aesthetically appealing.

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    Default melt it with fire!


    blue snow is terrible, melt it!

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    I get where they're coming from with the blue. At times snow can appear this color. If they had a rotating daylight schedule in Eveningstar, then blue snow in the early evening would look ok for a short while. Unfortunately, we're stuck with one color for what will probably be months and that bluish color really gets annoying quickly.
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    If you stay in a dark room all day and go outside you will find that snow is blue. In fact, everything is blue.

    Then when you go back inside everything will be green. You'd think orange, but no. It's green.

    Maybe this will shed some light on the lives of software developers.
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    That's why the song goes "I'm dreaming of a blue Christmas". Get with it people!

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    but it is blue!

    and so says science

    (ok, so it's not bright blue, but on some technical level it is blue in some situations) A light RP guild that's moved from Keeper in Europe to Thelanis
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