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If you guys are running a wipe you should atleast restock our gear and banks and AH so we can test on toons we dont have on live....
And possibly make otto boxes cheaper then 5k tp on lama?
From the soon-to-be-published updated Release Notes:

  • NEW: The Test Dojo has new loot! Players will now find boxes in the Dojo that distribute level 20-28 gear, including most gear from Menace of the Underdark and Update 21, as well as crafting ingredients to create Eveningstar Challenge weapons, Eveningstar Commendation items, Thunder-Forged Weapons, and Gianthold Dragonscale armors. Additionally, a box also now contains most Update 22 named items.

You are welcome.

Also, there should be no need whatsoever for an Otto's Box on Lamannia, everything it contains can be done for free in the Test Dojo.