It's time to start looking at Gen Con 2014 folks. (...and thanks to a bump on my 2013 thread that I hadn't gotten 2014 started off yet.)

Been getting preliminary emails from Gen Con folks with early reminders that pre-registration starts next month. I checked the GT Moto site, AND THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE IN OUR SPACE THIS YEAR!!! WOOT! Somebody in city planning finally got a clue. Otoh, hotel taxes are going from 6% to 10%, so we'll be spending a little extra on our hotel bills this year.

Oh, and Jerry, hope ya don't mind me borrowing your tag line for our Friday party. Seemed appropriate since this is carrying on the tradition that used to be officially Turbine supported.

So anyway. Is still a little early for any real planning for August, but wanted to get the thread up as a bumpable reminder place over the next several months. The Friday night Gathering is pretty much an all-nighter from 8 PMish til they close where ever we invade, so is a come 'n go as ya please kinda thing. More here later as any plans come together.