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    Default Hiding In Plain Sight issues

    Okay, keep having issues with the quest.

    I'm over level for elite, but trying to grab the favor and the bits of xp from it I can still get.

    It has now happened 5 times at the same place and once earlier on. The first five were right as I started opening the last chests, the most recent was at the first turn off from the main sewer line.

    Each time I end up being unable to move, but my character still emotes (making jumping look like squats) and will turn into that for hours until I get to tab out and quit, and if I log back in, it puts me right in the same problem.

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    Solo, with hire or group?
    Tried with /stuck?

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    This was happening to me yesterday. Don't think it's quest related - seems to be a new server issue from Turbine.
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    I get that problem occasionally and it's apparently on my side. (I really need to replace my router) I alt-tab back to Windows and left click on the network connection icon. Manually disconnect from network and then reconnect. It seems to free up the character most of the time.

    Worth a try next time it happens to you anyway. GL!

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