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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoogroves View Post
    Korthos + Harbor once and done on elite does not put me at 5th level. Does it seriously put you guys at 5th level?
    I don't do it by area, I do it by quest level. By the time I'm done one and done elite on all the level 1-3 quests, I'm banking into six, with just my tome and vip status. My friend who isn't vip is just a little behind me, but also easily once and dones the same route, just takes a few extra quests at the top. Without doing the last 2 parts of waterworks in the harbor, which I don't do til I take six. And it goes on all the way up to 20, only I generally hit 20 now somewhere in the level 17 quests. We typically do amrath, dreaming dark, cannith, inspired quarter, vox/houng, etc. etc. at 20+ because we ran out of heroic levels before we ran outta quests.

    Of course, this is if you own ALL content. This could change if you are missing packs (or dislike and refuse to do some). But it is not only possible, it is easy to go from 1-20 using the adventure compendium as a todo list without repeating a single quest, and not doing slayers. It's my constant tr place, because I hate repeating the same quests, so boring. I like going from quest to quest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Encair View Post
    Again, not a complain, just an observation.
    Chugged 50 pot from cards right away after TR, Greater Heroic tome, 5% ship and voice, not vip. Even munched some 8k xp to get immediately to lvl 2 for Maelstrom.
    2 hours ( 1 hour on pot remaining ), all lvl 1 and 2 quests done. Not even close, 3rd lifer without ship buff or xp pot would need to spend so much time repeating Harbour.
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    not sure what you are doing differently than i am. on a legend toon it has always been pretty much one and done on elite with BB for me. I am vip, always upgrade to greater tome of learning on my 3rd lifers and never run pots until i hit the GH/vale. also ship xp shrine and voice/mantle. i only rerun the quests with great xp. low levels might rerun info and ringleader. rerun tear a couple times and von 3. buy the time im done with GH i can usually go right to the vale and happily skip the orchard. i might rerun a few here or there with guildies or other friends if i see them running something i already have. xp falls from the sky in this game now. tally up all the extra ways to get XP now and its kinda crazy.

    DD rolls
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    xp pots
    BB streak

    I often skip 3BC, missing chain (cant stand the noise the takens make), necro 2 - 4 and amrath (unless i want the favor for that toon). I also dont start banking until the mid lvls.
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