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    Thumbs up Questions about Wizard Necromancer Build

    Okay so I recently followed a build for a warforged neutral pure wizard necro. I know what I'm going for mostly, but I really need some help with the enhancements with the new skill trees. Also, as a necro at low levels do i still use a THW with master's touch? Thanks for the help.

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    Probably wrong forum section, but I hope someone is just moving it and not just deleting.

    Yes, even as necro you use THW with masters touch at low levels. Even a sorc is better off using thw until level 4. But even if you use a thw you can still use your spells.
    You are going to notice on your own when your spell damage is getting much higher than your thf damage.

    Enhancements... get one rank in the skelleton knight to get a lever puller, get the complete negative spell crit line, get the +HP, get the negative energy conduit, bone armor, improved shrouding, necro focus. Think that's the most important stuff in the PM tree, I didn't mention the core enhancement but don't forget to take them.
    (I am not a fan of the necro SLAs because I think they don't deal enough damage compared to other buttons/spells I could use, but they are nice if you are fine playing it a bit slower and saving some SP. In the end I wanted too much stuff from the AM and EK tree, that I couldn't keep tham)

    That's it from there it depends what you want.

    Since you were gone for a long time if you ask this question, you might think again about your choice of race, because I am not a fan of wf/bf PMs. Beeing in an undead form is an even bigger difference now so you really should only think about staying out of form in quests with massive light damage, but the new enhancement that reduces light and negative damage by 50% might work as well, even if it reduces your self healing. (I usually just went with beeing more careful in these kind of quests)
    And the new AM and EK trees have nice stuff to offer as well, so that for me it would be hard to aim for the +hp enhancements in the wf tree meaning the only difference hp wise would be the +2 con and maybe another +2 con from core wf enhancements, but that would also mean a -2 dc in your spells(compared to drow)... so... depends what you are aiming for, if you want to CC or insta kill stuff in EE you are going to notice this lack of DC, because especially the fortitude saves are hard to beat in the high level quests. If you are fine with just running EH then you don't need to care about the -2 dc but you usually won't need the additional HP as well as long as you have the important item enhancements covered that give HP.

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