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    Default How much downtime do other MMO's have on average per week / month / year ?

    Well, I am one of the persons who only play one MMO ... DDO.

    Was curious to know how much downtime other games have for maintaining, up-dates, hot fixes and unforeseeable emergencies as we had one today on DDO per week, month or year.

    We seem to have a lot of downtime lately here on DDO and I was wondering if this is somewhat normal compared to other games out there or do they have even more down-times than DDO?

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    Default Some other game

    One game I played had a weekly downtime but it was consistant, didn't have to guess whether you could play today or not. Always the same time Sunday Night or Monday Morning from as short as a couple of hours to 6 if there is a big update.

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    Short Answer - Everyone has downtime, it varies more by 'style' of game (typically).
    For 'wall of text', scroll down.

    Most large scale games have regular downtimes once a week to tend to minor server stuff, even if it's just a restart. Much like your own computer, there are updates to be processed, cleanup to be done, and general maintenance that, if left unattended, can cause major issues down the line. Typically these are scheduled and announced, although sometimes the announcement might overlooked or forgotten. Over time, watching the scheduled downtimes, you can usually see a pattern and know when to not even try logging on.

    Games like Diablo(series) typically have less downtime, because the bulk of the work is done on your end and the server is mostly there to facilitate the more minor aspects of the game (finding people to group with, updates to the game, chat)

    Unfortunately, bad things can happen anywhere and anytime. Recently, there were issues beyond the development team's control (read- not actual game issues) that prevented people from accessing the worlds. These things can be planned for, to an extent, but much like your own personal emergency plans and equipment.... they cost money and time to acquire and even then can still fall short of the actual need.

    If you try to log on, are unable and cannot get to the forums to see if there is an issue, check ddo on facebook or twitter or go to and check it. If its down for everyone, just be patient, there are folks who make a living off this game it'll be back up as soon as they can get it up.

    Lastly- Recently we had the unplanned, unannounced, OMG! the servers went offline. After something like this happens, expect at least rolling restarts over the next few days while they get things stabalized and back to 'normal'. If you do, you will be a lot less frustrated when you cannot play.

    Disclaimer- I am not a game developer, however I do work in corporate IT and have for more than 10 years. Some of this post is opinion, you have yours and I have mine and we do not have to agree.
    The answer is 42


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    I started playing another game about six weeks ago and was rather amazed at their update process. You simply get a message in-game that a new build is available; you then have an hour to log off so you can finish what you're doing. You restart the game, it downloads the patch, and you start playing again.

    I have seen zero downtime in the six weeks since I started.

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    Not as much.

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