Playing with a build concept of a nigh-invulnerable (high AC, high PR, high saves, imp evasion) melee with respectable DPS and full trap tripping. Would love some insight.

Drow Rog 2/Pal 6/Monk 12

STR 14 (all levelups here to get OWC at 24 assuming +3 tome)
DEX 16 (assuming +1 tome for ITWF and GTWF)
CON 12 (yeah.. elfs are weak but points..)
INT 16 (keeping rogue skills up on PAL/MNK levels)
WIS 8 (needs +3 wis item to cast)
CHA 14 (pally saves, couldn't get to 16 due to wanting INT for skills)

Progression: R P P P P P P M....M R

Feats: (7 regular +3 monk)
1 Power Attack
3 Cleave
6 Great Cleave
8 m1) TWF
9 ITWF (needs +1 DEX tome at this point)
9 m2) Stunning Fist
11 m4) Zen Archery
12 Imp Crit Bludgeoning (leveling up to 7 or so using scimitars/shortswords but once hit monk levels switching to unarmed)
12 Master Forms
18 GM Forms
21 Monk martial arts
24 OWC
27 Haste or Reflexes

Skills are tricky due to the cross class stuff.
max concentrate
max disable
max search
max-ish open lock

18 in Drow (for Nothing is Hidden and venomed blades)
35 ish in Pal - defender
10 ish in each monk tree
0 Pal - Knight
0 Rog - Assasin
0 Rog - Mechanic

So, what do you think? Input and insight welcome.