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    Not sure if this is a bug but I just rolled a rogue to try and find these doors any way I leveled too 28 but I get no destiny points, my FVS did?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CeltEireson View Post
    Re the new poison prefix - could you clarify about the stat damage. Is it 1d4 to a fixed stat i.e. when generated it randomly picks str, dex, or con to damage; or is it on hit it randomly damages one of those stats?

    Because if its the latter why on earth did you even bother to tack it on to the poison damage? On average that's 2.5 damage to one of 3 stats at random - so overall you're talking about less than 1 point of damage to a particular stat per critical, even with dual wielding high crit range you are not going to see any particular stat seriously affected unless you get a really good set of rolls. In heroic ordinary mobs will be dead long before this has a significant effect, and in most normal quests the same can be said of the bosses, only thing likely to live long enough to see it have an impact are raid bosses and odds are you'll be using a different weapon to bypass DR. Same likely applies in epic normal; and on epic hard/elite the mobs recover stat points fast enough that this level of stat damage would be pointless.

    The old virulent poison may have been limited to 1d6 damage from memory, but it did 1 point of fixed stat damage per hit plus 1d6 on a crit. Now in heroic that was still useful as that stat dropped fairly fast and you could well render them helpless before they died, and it was a suffix, so if you were very lucky you could get both wounding and constitution virulent poison on one weapon which might have been still useful in epics, although not epic elite perhaps.

    I know youre probably worried about ending up with the old situation that used to exist with wounding of puncturing weapons etc, but any enchantment to weapons or armour, even if its just a minor part of one like the stat damage in the new poison should be at least situationally useful or useful to a particular build. And I'm not convinced this is.
    Does it bear mentioning for the gazillionth time how the epic stat shield also makes all of this discussion somewhat irrelevant. Even if a combined virulent poison (strength) debilitation weapon existed it would still be near useless as long as the stat shield remains at 90%.
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