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    I made some HP goggles a long time ago but stupidly put Deathblock on the 3rd Tier instead of +30 HP. If I use the yellow dopant on the Devastation Altar, will it just destroy the Tier III or the whole item? If so, I guess I need to run another shroud for a Shard of Great Power...
    Item is destroyed. You'll get back the cleansing stone (if you use one), and a randomized number of ingredients back. Generally it's about half of what you put into it (but still better than nothing). What you have to really hope for is getting the right KIND of ingredients back. You could get 3 large bones just as easily as 2 large scales and a large stone.

    If the item is cleansed, be sure to take the altar option that gives you the cleansing stone. This won't be JUST the cleansing stone, but if you take the other option then that's 20 completions down the tubes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mna View Post
    Hi all,

    I have managed to get one toon flagged for Shroud and I guess it's about time to start planning for greensteel.

    What is the current wisdom on the optimal accessory slot? Apparently used to be goggles once upon a time and then not and... what about bracers? (No, I didn't get any convalescent bracers back when they were still dropping. Too bad heal amp doesn't go on GS accessories... or does it these days?)

    Conc-Opp items would probably be a priority for several of my toons eventually - I like playing "hybrid" toons so their sp pools tend to be on the low side to begin with. And, many of my toons have Blindness Immunity in their goggles, and I'd prefer to not lose that even for the duration of getting a second GS accessory (cleansing's still only found in the 20th list, right?) - especially as that's not one of the farmable augments in Gianthold, IIRC...

    (I figure weapons are an easier thing anyway. Longbow with earthgrab looks like fun, heh...)

    BTW, I noticed that the Official Beginners Guide to The Eldritch Device is 404. Is there a replacement anywhere? ( ...)
    My priority was weapons first, then hp, then immunities, then conc ops. Running shroud as often as I could before timers, I got 2 scimi's, a cloak, goggles, and boots made. There is a ddo guide app somewhere. It has a bunch of stuff, but that is what I use to do my GS managing. I am not at home, so I can't just pop the name out.

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