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    Default Bladeforged Juggernaut I need help !

    So Im using my LR i got in u20 to respec current bladeforged that in better words is a fail and was wondering if you could take me through feats and skills i need Thanks and is a twf or thf juggernaut better for a bf or not ?
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    Original Jug was 2HF but I remember the OP was working on a 2WF build also. Not sure how far s/he made it into development. Jug was 16/2/2 with Artificer chosen first for skill points. Because you are forced to take Pally at first level you would probably need a LR +1 or +2 depending how you want to break up those 15 levels (plus any you have taken). Basically, Skills were trapping skills, no concentration, and balance(?, I think. Been awhile sense I looked at the build). Someone I am sure can find a link for you using Iconic instead of WF.

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    This was my go at it (THF pally version) before the enhancement pass, mostly the same ol' jugg except that you have to start with pally at first level.
    Regarding skill points, just put them into Open Lock, Disable Device, Search and UMD. Any extra can go in Repair or 1 for Tumble if that's your style.
    Regarding enhancements, most of my points went into the Bladeforged tree (POWER OF THE FORGE) and Battle Engineer tree (crossbow, haste or fusillade if have haste twist).
    Fury manyshot and crossbow switch for burst dps (having both Pinion and Needle helps, a lot) and swing around a THF weapons during downtime.

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    Use a character planner tool to plan your leveling and feat choices.

    Quote Originally Posted by JJtheDark View Post
    is a twf or thf juggernaut better for a bf or not ?
    If you managed to screw up a Juggernaut build, then you should stick to THF first.

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